Palm Tungsten W

Palm Tungsten W
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  • Brand: Palm
  • Model: Tungsten W

Designed for mobile business use, the Palm Tungsten W combines the features of a cell phone, personal information manager (PIM), and laptop in one device. The wireless Web browser provides access to the Internet from any location and uses Class 10 GPRS radio for fast downloading. The useful Web clipping service lets users cut out important data, such as stock quotes or flight times, quickly and save it to the desktop. The Tungsten W also lets users keep in touch with corporate email, allowing access to up to eight different POP and iMAP accounts. For faster correspondence, this handheld is equipped with SMS for sending instant messages to those with compatible wireless devices.

Familiar Palm applications--Excel, Word, and PowerPoint--make it easy to create or open documents on this handheld. This Palm device also features the standard PIM features: Address Book, Date Book, Calculator, Memo Pad, Note Pad, and To-Do List. The Tungsten W has a built-in keyboard, making it faster and easier to type documents, emails, or instant messages. An additional five-way navigational button allows for one-handed or stylus-free navigation. A high-resolution 65,000-color screen offers a crisp display for documents or Web pages.

For phone use, the Tungsten W offers more advanced call management features, such as five-way conference calling and the ability to make notes for each caller and set redials and reminders. The phone's hands-free headset lets you send email or view or edit a document while taking a call.

This device has a Palm Universal Connector for attaching peripherals and a SD/MultiMediaCard-compatible expansion slot for adding more memory. The rechargeable battery offers 10 hours of talk time plus additional standby time on one charge. A HotSync cradle is included for recharging the battery or for synchronizing the Palm's data with a desktop PC.

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4Much better that reviews indicate
By A Customer
The product is far better than reviews lead you to believe. As a planner, the product is all one could ever hope for unless you are looking for extra frills (camera, mp3 player). The ability to see web pages in real perspective and send and receive e-mail at this price also makes this a great product. There may be better products, but not at this price. Other palms may have internet access but you will be limited to certain locations (wi-fi, etc.). I have been able to get on line everywhere.

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2Is Palm, Inc., losing it's way??
By C. W. Patterson
This is my fifth Palm device, starting with the original Pilot. My employer contracts with AT&T Wireless for our mobile service, so the prospect of reducing the silicone baggage was appealing (formerly carried Palm Vx, Blackberry, and Sony Ericsson T68i).
Unfortunately, the device has been a disappointment. The ergonomics are dreadful in comparison with the Blackberry, or a Nokia phone. The lack of notification when a text message (other than SMS) is a deficiency. The phone is unsafe to use in a motor vehicle, so I've had to activate a second, in-car phone & number. The original, largely Grafitti-based input functions common to previous Palms are much easier to use than the Tungsten's choice of the tiny mechanical keyboard or the tap-to-select on-screen version.
The device is very choosy about where it charges. I have three cradles, plus the travelling adapter with 110V and 12V (cigarette lighter) connections. One of the three cradles won't charge it, and it refuses to accept juice from an auto cigarette lighter, either. I have not found the battery life to be a problem, as described in one of the other reviews, though.
Web surfing is OK, some sites won't allow it access, but for what I use it for, it's acceptable. Being GSM, though, there are parts of the country where there is no coverage - I know this from my prior phone.
Finally, after five weeks' ownership, the annoying wired earpiece necessary to use the phone feature hooked on an obstruction once too often, and evidently damaged the jack. Now, the whole shooting match has to go back to Palm for repair.
All in all, I'm afraid I've pushed the technolgical envelope too far this time.

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4headset troubles
By Matthew Johnson
I've had the Palm Tungsten W since back in April 2003. I only have voice service. The unit has a very slow processor (33Mhz), which is fine for most applications, until I try viewing pictures with the included Photobase software. It takes about 20 seconds for a picture to load (which is incredibly slow when trying to view a slideshow). But the biggest complaint I have about the Tungsten W is Palm's choice to use the special 3-conductor Nokia 2.5mm headset jack, instead of the more common 2-conductor Universal 2.5mm headset jack. Anyone who owns this unit will testify that the included handsfree headset is a pain to deal with. Unfortunately, the product selection of Nokia's 2.5mm headsets is limited, and do not include over-the-head headsets, which is the type of headset I'm after. I've had to purchase a clumsy adapter (available at AT&T Wireless stores) in order to use Universal 2.5mm headsets, but everytime the adapter plug rotates in the Tungsten W's headset jack, the Mobile phone application comes on. This is a pain when I am trying to write a note or enter a phone number, and all of a sudden, the wind blows, rotating the adapter's plug just a few degrees, and now the Mobile phone application is on. In addition, if the adapter plug is rotated to certain angles, I cannot hear anyone speaking on the phone at all, so I have to rotate it back a tweak. Such a pain !! And it could all have been avoided if Palm had gone with the common Universal 2.5mm headset jack instead !!

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