PalmOne m100 Handheld

PalmOne m100 Handheld


  • Brand: Palm
  • Manufacturer: Palm
  • Model: 3C80700U
  • Weight: 28


  • 2 MB memory stores hundreds of addresses, phone numbers, appointments, and to-do items
  • Exchange and back up data with your PC or Macintosh using 1-touch synchronization
  • Synchronize with Palm Desktop software; also includes link to Microsoft Outlook
  • Includes one-touch clock and Note Pad application for writing "sticky notes" on screen
  • Add optional keyboard, backup module, or Kodak PalmPix digital camera; customizable with optional snap-on faceplates


If you're new to the world of handheld organizers, the Palm m100 may just be the right fit for you. Under the hood, the Palm m100 features much of the same great software and options we've come to expect from Palm, such as scheduling and contact applications and an infrared port to beam information to other Palm users. But Palm has added some new features to both the engine (which runs Palm OS 3.5) and the chassis. Designed to replace your paper-based organizer, the Palm m100 is great for the first-time handheld computer user. Its sleek new design allows you to customize your Palm with an array of accessory face plates. With this handheld computer, you can keep track of and store all your appointments, addresses, and to-do items. It allows you to exchange and back up data with your desktop computer using one-touch synchronization. You can also take advantage of thousands of third-party applications, and download information from the Internet for offline browsing. The Palm m100 is equipped with an infrared beam to instantly exchange and store information, such as business card data, at the touch of a button. You can also jot down notes with it as fast as with pen and paper. It is easy to use and has a backlit display for easy readability. The Palm m100 comes with a HotSync cable. Note to Macintosh users: while the Palm m100 ships with software for both PC and Macintosh systems, Mac users will have to order a free serial adaptor from Palm (shipping charges not included).

What's in the box

  • Palm m100
  • Stylus
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • HotSync serial cable
  • Protective flip cover
  • Palm Desktop Software (Windows and Mac), link to Microsoft Outlook, and TCP/IP software to enable Internet-based applications and e-mail
  • Getting Started guide
  • Handbook