Palm 3199WW Cradle Kit for Tungsten E2/T5/TX and LifeDrive

Palm 3199WW Cradle Kit for Tungsten E2/T5/TX and LifeDrive

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Product Details

  • Brand: PALMONE, INC. - PDA DEV
  • Model: 3199WW
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: 31.50" h x 72.83" w x 80.31" l, 1.01 pounds


  • Stylish 3-in-1 kit with illuminated cradle, cable, and adapters
  • Compatible with Palm TX, LifeDrive, Tungsten E2, and Tungsten T5
  • Charges and synchronizes your compatible Palm handheld
  • Audio output for connection to your stereo system or external speakers
  • Includes 110-240 volt charger with international adapters

This three-in-one kit includes a stylish, illuminated cradle, a six-foot USB cable, and 110-240 volt charger with international adapters. Includes audio output for connection to your stereo system or external speakers. Charging and synchronizing is fast and easy.

The Palm Cradle Kit for handhelds is compatible with the Palm T|X, Palm LifeDrive, Palm Tungsten E2, and Palm Tungsten T5.

What's in the Box
Cradle, six-foot USB cable, multi voltage (110-240 volt), multi frequency (50-60 hertz) international 1A power supply, international socket adapters for U.K., Europe, Australia, and U.S.

Customer Reviews

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3Looks nice but not as functional as my old Clie Cradle
By academydr
Perhaps I was spoiled.

Based on my experience with my old Sony Clie, I expected to be able to seat and unseat my PDA with one hand. However, I find myself trying to align the unit with the connector each time I set it in the cradle. The instruction to "lift straight up" does not seem to be doing the trick for me in removing the unit. I end up using two hands and still some what struggling. I am concerned I will damage it. Perhaps after I try out the cables, I will have a greater appreciation for the cradle.

I find the always on light to be sort of odd. However, it is handy when I want to step into my office and set the PDA on the unit without turning on the lights. The thing is like a beacon! (Which is a good needs plenty of light to use this cradle.)

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1avoid if you have a Palm TX
By Paul Christensen
Own a Palm TX? Avoid this at all costs!

As others have noted, and as documented on the Palm support forums, this cradle has a major incompatibility with the Palm TX. It will cause the Palm TX to lockup, requiring a soft reset (using the reset hole on the back). There is unfortunately no solution, and no predicting when the lock will occur. Sometimes, after one HotSync it will lock, sometimes if the computer is placed into sleep and then reawakened, other times just sitting there.

Palm has a patch on their site that supposedly fixes this problem, but it actually makes matters worse - with the patch installed, the TX will lock when not even docked. DON'T install the patch!

Interestingly, the problem appears to be a hardware design flaw of the cradle itself. If you plug the TX into the included connector, and NOT the cradle, no problems! I suspect it has something to do with the silly LED light that always stays on - perhaps a static discharge problem.

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45 stars for utility and 3 stars for value
By Michael Sandman
Palm has stopped including charging/synching cradles with its PDAs and Treos. Cradles have some utility, so Palm offers you this kit at an exaggerated price for recent-vintrage Tungsten PDAs. (Be sure to check whether the kit you'r ordering is compatible with the Palm model you have!)

You're buying both more and less than you think with the kit. You get a light cradle, smaller than a pack of cards and weighing about an ounce. You plug the square plug of the power adapter that came with your Palm Tungsten or other compatible Palm device into the cradle, and then you plug in the USB synchronization cable that came with it. When you're done you have what Palm should have given you in the box with the Tungsten.

To justify the price, you also get: A large power adapter that has interchangeable plugs compatitble with US & European wall outlets and a "real" USB cable that boths synchs and charges a Palm device. The "real" USB cable works for a wide range of recent Palm devices, including Treo 650 and newer smart phones. It's very useful for travel if you carry a laptop that has a USB port.

The cradle is worth about two bucks, but the rest of the package makes the price more or less reasonable, considering that accessories are always high profit items. Shame on Palm for not including the cradle in the box with all its products. But if you want a cradle you do get a couple of other potentially useful accessories to make you feel less ripped off. If you just want a combination USB synch and power cable, you can get that from aftermarket suppliers for a lot less than the cradle kit.

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