PSFS Beautiful Mixing Fluffy Floam Slime 60ML,Scented Christmas Stress Relief Kids Sludge Toy (Pink)

PSFS Beautiful Mixing Fluffy Floam Slime 60ML,Scented Christmas Stress Relief Kids Sludge Toy (Pink)

Price: $2.00


  • Brand: PSFS
  • Color: Pink
  • Manufacturer: PSFS


  • ✿Made with environmentally friendly raw materials, 100% safe and non-toxic. Be assured to play, but don't eat.Safe for Kids to Use! non toxic for kids to play. Cannot be eaten, not for too small kids.
  • ✿Perfect for Stress Relief. As you squeeze, fold, roll, and pull the slime, hours of fun, satisfying noises and a great gift. ideal gift choice for kids. Wonderful slime toy for both boys and girls. Great stress reliever for adults and children
  • ✿None Sticky - Less sticky than others' Fluffy Slime, so try ours to get rid of stickiness. Great consistency, amazing texture, not crumbly and dry like other dohs and clays Super Easy to Play Floam Slime. Already finished slime, just take it out of the jar and find your favorite way to play with this fluffy slime. Also ideal for arts, crafts, and school projects
  • ✿Through visual playing, children can exercise their hands, improve motor skills, develop hand-eye
  • ✿New Christmas elements are added to make you play happily with your children. Product capacity :60ml Size:5x4x3cm


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