Nutone Outdoor Station IS69AB (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Nutone Outdoor Station IS69AB (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
From Nutone

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Product Details

  • Brand: Nutone
  • Model: IS69AB
  • Dimensions: 2.50" h x 5.50" w x 7.25" l, 1.00 pounds



Permits communication between indoor stations and door3-1/2" weather resistance speakerDoor intercom is controlled from indoor stations Includes lighted pushbutton Antique brass

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2Nutone Outdoor Station
By GKMac
I have a Nutone system (IM 3303) in my house. This particular purchase was a replacement for and orginal outdoor station. If I had to do it over and knowing what I know now, I would not have purchased a Nutone product. The system is 5 years old and I have replaced the initial home system along with 4/8 remote stations. Nutone uses (in my opinion) cheap components. Bascially the buttons and contacts (internal) break and or wear out. This particular outdoor station uses a cheap button for ringing the doorbell. They should do relability tests at Nutone and build something that will last.

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3Nutone Outdoor Station
By TexPilot
I agree with other reviewers regarding the pushbutton - it is not rugged enough to withstand long-term use. The speakerphone part of the unit is fine (mine is going on 18 years), but I've had to replace four or five pushbuttons in that length of time. Though not terribly expensive to replace, the pushbutton is this product's weakest link, and is definitely out of place on this $40 product. I gladly would pay a little more to be able to buy a more durable U.S. built, i.e. non-Chinese pushbutton, but it appears U.S. corporations are too busy maximizing their profit margins to provide robust products for American consumers' dollars.

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2Buy a tube of silicone
By William M.
I try not to get my expectations set too high when it comes to cheap switches. It is expected that a doorbell switch will fail after long exposure to the elements. Most are inexpensive, one replaces them and moves on, but to make a $40 doorbell replacement is a hard sell. I have replaced a number of these items. In the majority of cases the cheap little button switch is the cause of the failure, but the whole assembly needs be replaced.
Use some clear silicone caulk after connecting,(AND testing), the assembly to seal the rear of the switch, and to seal the housing to the wall. It will not stop the button from failing, but will extend the life of it.

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