Neo2 Alphasmart Word Processor with Full Size Keyboard, Calculator

Neo2 Alphasmart Word Processor with Full Size Keyboard, Calculator
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  • Dimensions: 1.50" h x 9.50" w x 12.50" l,



Very light and portable. To save transfer a file, plug the USB into your computer, open your word processing program, and push the Neo send button. It types right out to the open document. Can also be directly connected to printer. Working arrival

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5Great for writing without distraction of Internet
By greetings
Completely great and the screen is way better than I thought it would be. I take it to the library or to other good places to write, and it keeps me from getting seduced into using the Internet and wasting time. You know that, oh I have to look that up, and then 10 clicks later you realize you've lost an hour? I'm very very happy with this and with the amount of work I am now getting done. Yay.

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5So perfect may marry it
By Natasha Davis
I use the Neo 2 for distraction free writing, and for that, it literally cannot get any better.

The machine boots up in seconds so you can easily get to work. The screen has good contrast, about the same as a TI calculator. I have pretty terrible sight, and the standard font size is big enough to see clearly, though it can be made bigger or smaller depending on your preference. The keyboard has good tactile feedback, but it may be too loud for some. There are 8 file slots, with each able to hold more or less 10,0000 words. If you use for extended periods of time this may be a problem, but as I transfer my work weekly this has not been a huge issue for me.

The best feature for me is the godly battery life. In the months I have owned the neo 2 I am still trucking along, though just in case, I'll plan to change the 4AA batteries once a year so I'm not tempting fate. I also have an alphasmart Dana, and I much prefer the neo for this reason alone. The Dana has a backlight, a sort of touch screen, and a bigger screen with more features, but the battery life is only about ten or so hours. Between the neo and the neo 2, there is not much functional difference, save that there are more classroom features you probably will not use, and the neo 2 is a nicer charcoal color as compared to the inexplicably army green of the neo.

The main interface may take a while to get used to since we are so used to our GUIs, but you technically do no need to even use the interface, and the keyboard shortcut functions are printed on the back for easy reference.

Overall, this is an invaluable tool for writing, and if I had to name one downside, it would be having to constantly explain to friends, family, and curious onlookers what it is when I use whip it out. I usually say its a digital typewriter, though if I'm feeling cheeky, I'll just say it's a giant calculator.

Helpful accessories to the neo are a booklight so you can type in the dark (I use a mighty bright), and for traveling, a 13.3 inch laptop sleeve fits perfectly.

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By Sheena Lynch
I had first heard about this devise in a writing group I am apart of, and I knew I had to have it. Works great, have had it about a month now, and I use it daily. It's got a full sized keyboard, which makes it comfortable to type on, and the batteries are not even close to going dead. They'll last me, at minimum, several months at least before I have to change them.

It has 8 different files (at the top of your keyboard) that you can name and organize your writing into. It has a built in thesaurus, spelling check, and so much more. It also is very lightweight, so it is easy to tote around with you.

I highly recommend getting this, or a device similar, especially if you like writing a lot.

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