Neo2 Alphasmart Word Processor with Full Size Keyboard, Calculator

Neo2 Alphasmart Word Processor with Full Size Keyboard, Calculator
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  • Dimensions: 1.50" h x 9.50" w x 12.50" l,



Very light and portable. To save transfer a file, plug the USB into your computer, open your word processing program, and push the Neo send button. It types right out to the open document. Can also be directly connected to printer. Working arrival

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5Great for writing without distraction of Internet
By greetings
Completely great and the screen is way better than I thought it would be. I take it to the library or to other good places to write, and it keeps me from getting seduced into using the Internet and wasting time. You know that, oh I have to look that up, and then 10 clicks later you realize you've lost an hour? I'm very very happy with this and with the amount of work I am now getting done. Yay.

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5Wonderful writing tool without distractions.
By Cheyenne Reilly
I recently purchased this Neo 2 and I just love it. I am an aspiring writer and hate computers because every time you try to work offline, you still get a pop up of some kind. I just wish this company would re introduce these machines with a few improvements like a fold down screen, like a laptop but the size of the Neo, so you could see the full text and never need to hook up to a computer. I love the file save buttons as you know just where your file is without having to look it up. I would keep it as it is internally just ad a larger screen and also a separate plug to use electricity if you wanted to.

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5I am in love with my Neo2
By Early Snowbird
I am in love with my Neo2. If someone tried to explain this to me before I got to try it out, I wouldn't have believed it. This is so old-school that it's perfect. It's a sturdy little keyboard with zero distractions. It runs on three double-A batteries and supposedly the battery life is a year. I have daily writing goals and I put my new (used) Neo2 to work immediately. You can write anywhere and not have to worry about wi-fi or power. Operation is simple and file transfer is a breeze. If you are a writer looking to improve your production, this could be your answer. I highly recommend the Neo2.

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