Hewlett Packard 200LX 2 MB Palmtop PC

Hewlett Packard 200LX 2 MB Palmtop PC


  • Color: Grey
  • Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard
  • Model: 320LX
  • Weight: 98


  • Rugged clamshell design protects handheld on the go
  • Includes Pocket Quicken and Lotus 123
  • Appointment book, notetaker, memo pad, and database capabilities
  • Compatible with PCMCIA 2.0 Type I and II memory cards
  • Laplink remote access with serial connection


The HP 320LX is a palmtop computer that runs Windows CE 1.0 or, with a ROM upgrade, Windows CE 2.0. It has a CompactFlash type 1 card slot, a PC card slot, a serial link cable plug, and an infra-red port. It was released in 1997. It is Internet capable by attaching an add-on modem or through an ethernet or wifi card (Windows CE 2.0 only) in the PCMCIA slot. Only type I and type II PC cards are supported and you need special drivers made for the Windows CE operating system. Developer Hewlett Packard Type Palmtop Operating system Windows CE 1.0 CPU 44 MHz Hitachi SH3 Memory 4 MB Display 640x240 pixels, 4 gray scales Input Keyboard, touchscreen Connectivity CompactFlash type I and II