HP iPAQ RX1950 Pocket PC

HP iPAQ RX1950 Pocket PC
From HP

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Product Details

  • Brand: HP
  • Model: FA629A#ABA
  • Dimensions: 3.90" h x 7.40" w x 12.20" l, 2.50 pounds
  • CPU: S3C2442
  • Memory: 32MB SDRAM
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Native resolution: 240x320
  • Display size: 3.5


  • 3.5" TFT Active Maxtrix screen with 16-bit color
  • Integrated 802.11b wireless LAN
  • Includes touch-screen, five-way navigation button and stylus input sources
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium operating system
  • 90-day Limited warranty

HP iPAQ RX1955 Pocket PC

Amazon.com Product Description Enjoy music, videos, and Internet applications on the go, with control at your fingertips! Powered by the Microsoft Windows Mobile5.0 Pocket PC operating system, the iPAQ rx1955 offers big functionality and modern design for a reasonable price.

HP rx1955 with included stylus

3.5" TFT display with 64,000 colors
Portable Efficiency
Go on the Internet at your local Wi-Fi hot spot or at home using the integrated 802.11b wireless LAN. Add speed and agility with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Premium for Pocket PC Professional. You'll be able to view and edit Microsoft Office documents, including working with Excel charts and Powerpoint presentations with custom animations and slide transitions.

Stay in touch with your business and personal contacts using the integrated personal information manager (PIM) software. You'll get where you want to go fast through the five-way navigation button and four application launch buttons, and be able to protect your important data when your iPAQ runs out of battery power with the persistent store feature.

Not Just For Work
Enjoy music and videos in MP3 (or WMA or WMV) format; transfer fresh music and video to your iPAQ as your mood dictates via Windows Media Player version 10. You can easily store music and videos on SD/MMC memory cards using the built-in SD slot. Listen to your tunes privately--in stereo--via headphones (sold separately) through the 3.5 mm headphone jack. View color snapshots in both portrait and landscape modes on the 3.5-inch TFT display (64,000 colors).

When you've finished up everything on your "to do" list, you can always challenge yourself to the included games from Microsoft and download other popular titles. HP provides a 90-day warranty on the RX1955, covering parts and service.

What's in the Box
HP iPAQ rx1955 Pocket PC, Lithium-lon 1100 mAh removable/rechargeable battery, AC adapter, USB desktop synchronization cable, slip case, documentation package, HP iPAQ Getting Started disc

Customer Reviews

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By D. Wulfsohn
In my experience HP's iPaQs are really good, reliable and rugged. The RX1950 is definitely an exception. Memory is extremely limited, which means that a using a memory card is a requirement (and more modern card formats are not compatible). After a few hours of use, problems began with screen image quality (on one of 4 purchased units), a few more hours, slow performance even for the most basic tasks (like switching it on), and shortly several with problems of slow response (on another two units) and after several more hours of use, screen problems on another two units. Not to help things, the company who sold us these units as new, did not provide HP chargers, but some generic Chinese replacements. The cables don't fit right, and only one of four chargers can even be used.
The Pocket PC technology is almost obselete, but for those of us still needing these devices to run certain applications, I would not advise purchasing this particular model.

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4Great Product! Recommend it.
By Yakov from Florida

Had this product 2.5 years now. Still love it. Use it daily for Audiobooks, Contacts, E-Books, Freecell & Sudoku. Also to look up items in the Encyclopedias & very occasional email.
Bought an Ipod Touch to see whether it gives me significant advantages. It is of course a lot jazzier but for above applications it did not give me any major improvements. For example the Sudoku applications on the Ipod had lots of colors and graphics which were actually distracting from the game. So back to the store with the Ipod.


APRIL 2007
For years I used an IPAQ 1910. Loved its slim size, gorgeous display and its features. It had one fatal disadvantage! When the removable battery discharged it lost all the data and programs stored in memory and there was no way to put Contacts, Schedules etc on Storage Card. So they were erased each time. At home they could be resynched with the PC and the data restored but on trips - when I needed the data worse - it was not possible. To make it worse the data loss occurred even when the secondary battery showed full charge and the battery discharge happened even if the unit was not turned on. Another disadvantage was that it could not handle a Storage Card larger than 1 GB and its earphone socket used the non-standard 2.5 mm plug (standard is 3.5 mm)

So I bought the IPAQ RX1950. It looks and feels exactly the same as the old 1910 but with added WiFi connectivity, persistent memory (data is not lost even if battery is completely discharged), and ability to handle large capacity SD Cards. Installed a 2 GB SD Card and loaded in several favorite programs like Mobipocket Reader, ProWord Dictionary, XnView image display, Conduit Pocket Player and the games Freecell, SuperSudoku and Scrabble. Also tried, unsuccessfully, to add several free utilities to make navigation and the Today screen more useful.

It was heavy going! I found that I had to Soft Reset so many times during use that I considered returning the unit to Amazon. Got in touch with HP Support Professional via chat. He first advised me to download the latest ROM and Firmware updates. It turns out that my device had all these installed from the factory (as they should have been) - so there was no need for additional update. The technician suspected that the added utilities might the culprit. so I uninstalled them. He also advised me to follow the following procedure:

"Open active sync on the iPaq, then tap on menu -> Add Server Source, then you will see a field called "server address", enter anything into this field. Tap on next on the bottom right of the screen. Fill out the three fields with any information, then select next, then finish. This will bring you back to the active sync menu. Tap on menu -> Schedule, you will see two drop downs, "peak times" and "off-peak times". Change both of these from the default of 10 and 4 mins respectively to "manually". Tap on ok in the upper right hand side. Tap on menu -> Options, tap and hold on where it says "exchange server" and select delete."

Did all of the above and for the past 4 days did not do a single Soft Reset and am a happy user. Incidentally the battery on this unit lasts for a goodly length of time - much more than the 1910 though the battery is just a somewhat higher capacity. I presume it has to do something with data and programs being in ROM & not requiring continuous refresh like the RAM in the 1910.

During a recent trip had occasion to test the Wifi connectivity. Used Gmail to get to Inbox. It was surprising how well the messages could be viewed. Of course sending answers was laborious using the displayed keyboard but it could be done. So now I am looking forward to use it extensively on my forthcoming trip to Europe.

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5Really like device is more fun orientad then the others ones ...
By Ted
Really like device is more fun orientad then the others ones I have which are gear for business but beware have to be into these items and work with they are not quite as user friend as all my apple devices hog them as a little more change of pace and profession look and use but if you are savy to use them they are great especially for price recommend used mine are mint condition but beware make sure cord especially charge cords are included

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