BoxWave EverTouch Capacitive Stylus - (Newest Technology) Touchscreen iPad 3 Stylus with Ultra Durable FiberMesh Fabric Tip for Apple iPad 3, iPad 2, iPhone 4S / 4, Amazon Kindle Fire, All Touch Screen Tablets **LIMITED TIME SALE** Buy 1 Get 2nd Unit 50% Off (Lunar Blue)

BoxWave EverTouch Capacitive Stylus - (Newest Technology) Touchscreen iPad 3 Stylus with Ultra Durable FiberMesh Fabric Tip for Apple iPad 3, iPad 2, iPhone 4S / 4, Amazon Kindle Fire, All Touch Screen Tablets **LIMITED TIME SALE** Buy 1 Get 2nd Unit 50% Off (Lunar Blue)
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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #67851 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Size: EverTouch Stylus
  • Color: Lunar Blue
  • Brand: BoxWave
  • Model: bw-750-3779-5183
  • Dimensions: .39" h x 3.35" w x 7.68" l, .6 pounds


  • Durable and responsive tip works on all capacitive touch screens
  • Conveniently designed in pen form, perfect for carrying around
  • Perfect for cold days when you don't want to remove your gloves
  • Available in Bold Orange, Crimson Red, Jet Black, Lunar Blue, or Metallic Silver color

BoxWave EverTouch Capacitive iPad Stylus - Touch Screen Stylus with Ultra Durable FiberMesh Fabric Tip for Apple iPad Air, iPad

Customer Reviews

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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful.
5Best stylus I've owned
By J. Patz
I ordered one of these in Feb 2016, largely because it should look good with my gold S6 Edge+, even though I was unsure of the woven to tip as they've never worked well for me.

But here I sit, 10 months later and I've just ordered another of this stylus and I can honestly say that this unit is the best stylus I've had, and I've used dozens of different styles and brands, with prices ranging from a couple bucks to a piece to I think the most expensive had been around $60 for one. It's longer then usual, which I appreciate and it's got a bit if weight to it which makes it handle like a dream.

I've been homebound due to a back injury since I got this so I've spent far more time messing around in my phone than I ever normally would and yet this stylus is still working great and the weave hasn't worn through as others I've tried and and the rubberized cap under the weave hasn't broken as most do within a couple months.

I would have ordered another even if the price was over $30 so of course at $7.50 it's a no brainer

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4Way better than the Pogo Sketch
By Reviewer
As another reviewer said, this product is superior to the Pogo Sketch.

The BoxWave has a more solid design. The clip at the top is metal, not plastic. The pen itself feels sturdier.

The tip design is superior, too. Instead of a black sponge for the capacitive surface, the BoxWave has a firm, balloon-like tip. It's basically a hollow, dome-shaped piece of rubber (or rubber-like material). It seems sturdy enough.

It allows you to write at an angle, which was a problem for me with the Pogo. You don't have to press hard at all for your iWhatever to register contact. Sometimes I had to push a little using the Sketch.

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5Details about stylus you may want to know
By Jim
This stylus is 4 1/4" long from the tip that touches the iPad screen to the end, not including the part to which the included holder comes attached (the string part that can be inserted into the iPad audio out jack). A Mont Blanc ballpoint pen I own is 5 1/2" long (when the ballpoint tip is retracted).

I have large hands, so although I would prefer a larger capacitive iPad stylus because it would be easier for me to comfortably hold, I do appreciate that the tip of the stylus allows me more (though less than ideal) accuracy when handwriting, drawing, and painting on the iPad (using apps such as Penultimate and Sketchbook Pro) than I can get with my fairly broad fingertips.

I removed the string thing as soon as I got the stylus, as it felt funny to use the stylus with that thing hanging off it, and I don't really see where I would need to have the stylus physically attached to the iPad (plus I'm a tad reticent about putting anything in the audio out jack other than audio plugs). The string thing, in case you're interested, is about 2" long.

This is the first capacitive iPad stylus I've owned and while I expected a stubby tip (unlike the tips on styluses for electronics with non-capacitive screens such as Nintendo DS and Wacom pen tablets), I didn't know how stubby it would be. It's a heck of a lot smaller (less stubby) than the tips of my pinkies. The stylus tip is just a little larger in diameter than the unused eraser on a generic pencil (an Eberhard Faber American 2 HB). And the stylus tip is apparently hollow and is a dome-like shape. Pressing it with a fingertip is kind of like touching the rubber end of a very small medicine dropper; it has that kind of give. (After writing this review I had to see if the rubber bulb of a medicine dropper would work on an iPad screen. The screen didn't respond at all.)

If and when my BoxWave stylus wears out (or I lose it, or more likely in my case, I step on it and crush it - klutz that I am, I dropped it in the toilet since writing this, it survived after being rinsed, then towel dried and dried with a hair drier), I will investigate other brands before buying a replacement, in hopes that I could find a longer (more standard pen size) capacitive stylus. Like most of accessories for the iPad on the market, this accessory is overpriced, but I'm nevertheless glad I purchased it because it does enable me to do things on my iPad that I could not otherwise do (when using apps such as the ones I mention above). I should add that I do not as of yet have a screen protector on my iPad, so I cannot comment on how this stylus works on an iPad that has a screen protector. In addition to making it easier for me to use handwriting, drawing, and painting apps on the iPad, it also makes it easier for me to tap precise locations when necessary, such as when using the Safari browser.

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