BoxWave Capacitive Kindle Fire Stylus (Jet Black)

BoxWave Capacitive Kindle Fire Stylus (Jet Black)
From BoxWave

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #34863 in Consumer Electronics
  • Size: Regular Stylus
  • Color: Jet Black
  • Brand: BoxWave
  • Model: bw-324-4545-3333
  • Dimensions: .70" h x 1.80" w x 5.90" l,


  • Works on all capacitive touch screens
  • Conveniently designed in pen form, perfect for carrying around
  • Durable construction
  • Perfect for cold days when you don't want to remove your gloves
  • Available in Bold Orange, Crimson Red, Jet Black, Lunar Blue, or Metallic Silver color

Slim & Sleek:
At 4.25" in length, 0.25'' in diameter, and weighing a mere 0.4 ounces, the Capacitive Stylus fits neatly into the palm of your hand.  

Portable & Chic:  
Use either the included 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter or built-in metal clip to attach the Capacitive Stylus directly to your device, your shirt, or your case; the options are endless.  

Convincingly You:  
The durable rubber tip and smooth glide feel of the Capacitive Stylus will have you rethinking using your finger as your touch screen tool of choice.    

When you factor in the ability to write from any angle and five vibrant colors to choose from, the Capacitive Stylus is a must have for any touch screen owner.    

Ready. Set. Create"

Customer Reviews

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5Excellent first experience with Capacative Stylus
By Dean Buzzell
I purchased two of these items - one for me to use on my Kindle Fire and the other for my wife to use on her iPad 2. Neither of us have ever used a stylus before, and didn't know what to expect. Since I don't have any previous experience with other brands, this review is a 'stylus vs. fingers' review, not a brand comparison.

After using them for about 10 days, neither of us would willingly go back to our fingers. Some of the things we liked about using a stylus in general:

- Our device screens aren't covered with fingerprints any longer (though regular cleaning is still needed).
- Using a stylus makes it easier to use screen controls on smaller screens without having to expand the screen. Especially when you've fat fingers like me.
- Text input is faster and more accurate.

Some things we liked about the Boxwave stylus in particular:
- Attractive colors.
- The price was VERY reasonable.
- The size is comfortable in our hands.
- Pocket clip or jack clip gives us choices about carrying the stylus. Mine fits inside my Fire case for storage, but I use the pocket clip constantly. My wife keeps hers clipped to the iPad.
- Packaging was not excessive.

The Boxwave stylus has been a really good first experience. If you're considering purchasing one, this is a good choice.

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5Worked so well I bought a duplicate a week later.
By Madelene Dotson
I searched Amazon,scoured reviews and finally setteled on this. Not the cheapest or nicest and the fact that it cleans as it uses seemed an added bonus. I was surprised to find that it did infact work better than my fingers even four skimming through pages. I watch a lot of t.v and movies and loved the quick ease of pausing or un pausing as I had an infant at the time. Since I had just a small seven inch kindle tablet. Also any person who loves long nails this is a must have. Two days in I misplaced it and missed it so badly I ordered one right then and there. I am frugal to a fault with money so that is a statement in itself. Now I have upgraded to a newer,bigger,better kindle and I look at my two identical stylus from this company. So worn the logo and color are worn off and feel a good sense of relief I wont have to research another two more weeks to find the perfect tool for this as I go to my orders and re order this. I often used this tool on my samsung galaxy as well and would feel that any touch screen would meet its match right here. The tips never wore or lost any of the sensitivity in fact they and a new one in a prefered color are going to my daughter with my old tablet.

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5A Beautiful, Sensitive, Responsive Metallic Red Stylus
By Lynne E.
Capacitive styluses are not all alike. Besides color, there are subtle differences in sensitivity, length, barrel size, weight, and attachment clips or lanyards. This beautiful BoxWave stylus, which is 4" long (exclusive of the capacitive tip) is an excellent, responsive stylus.

Compared to other styluses that I tested, this BoxWave stylus is short, has a wide barrel (wider than a pencil but narrower than a pen), and is light in weight. I love the metallic red color, and the sensitivity and responsiveness of the capacitive tip. Because of the wider barrel, the tip is wider, and is not as accurate as some others for selecting small targets (e.g., links displayed in web browsers in tiny fonts). However, pinpoint accuracy isn't important if you can enlarge the display on your touchscreen device. Because I have large hands, I would prefer a longer stylus, but the overall performance of this stylus makes up for what it lacks in length.

This stylus has a pocket clip, and a removable lanyard with a plastic tip that can be plugged into an earphones outlet to attach it to a touchscreen device. Besides this stylus, I tested the MiniSuit Universal Capacitive Stylus Pen, the BoxWave Slimline Kindle Fire Stylus, the Targus Stylus for Apple iPad, the AmazonBasics Stylus for Touchscreen Devices, and the rooCASE Capacitive (Red) Stylus for Apple iPad 2 / Amazon Kindle Fire Android Tablet. My favorite is the AmazonBasics Stylus, because of its 4-1/4" length, slim barrel, light weight, and excellent sensitivity. However, I also rate this stylus at 5 stars ("I love it"), because I like it nearly as well as the AmazonBasics stylus. Another good choice is the very slightly less sensitive rooCase Stylus.

In case you're wondering, as I was, what a "capacitive" stylus is, it is a human interface device (e.g., a mouse) that uses "capacitive sensing" to measure changes of position on a touchscreen. It works just like a human finger on a touchscreen device, and you can often get more accurate navigation using a stylus. Wikipedia has good articles on capacitive sensing and capacitive devices.

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