Alphasmart Neo - Handheld

Alphasmart Neo - Handheld
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  • Sales Rank: #84037 in Office Product
  • Brand: Alphasmart
  • Model: NEO-AA-0410-10971-AQ
  • Dimensions: 9.80" h x 1.80" w x 12.40" l, 2.00 pounds

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5Perfect Non-Distraction Writing Machine
By Wendy Van Camp
I started out with an Alphasmart 3000 three years ago when I wanted to join other writers at coffeehouses for write-ins, but could not afford a laptop. I discovered that the Alphasmart 3000 was a great non-distraction writing machine that allowed me to produce larger word counts on my rough drafts than having a machine that was hooked up to the internet. The combination of the small screen, not being able to go back and edit easily on the fly and the ability to load up my finished work to my computer's word processing program with ease turned out to be a winning combination for me as a writer.

After a year of using the Alphasmart 3000, I decided to upgrade to the Alphasmart Neo. I am glad that I did. With the Neo, I have the same good features that made the AS3K a wonderful non-distraction writing machine. The Neo's keyboard is more comfortable with a better feel to the keys and the screen is slightly larger than the AS3K. The Neo handles larger file sizes and has a dictionary, thesarus and a word count feature built in. The unit is lightweight and tough. The battery life is like nothing in this world. I put in batteries once a year and then forget about it. I always have power in the unit when I need it.

I now own a laptop, but when I am working on a rough draft, I still pull out my Alphasmart Neo. It is my preferred drafting machine of choice. I have paired up the Neo with a Neoprene sleeve designed for a 13" MacBook Air and a Mighty Bright Music Light. Everything fits easily into my writing bag and carts around effortlessly.

If you are a novelist, a freelance writer, a student who needs to take notes in the classroom but are not allowed to bring a computer with you, do consider purchasing the Alphasmart Neo. It might be the answer you were looking for.

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5Any serious writer must have one
By I. Koric
This low-tech, retro gadget is a god-send. I was searching the net for a laptop or word processor with e-ink technology so that I could do my writing outdoors on nice days, but such things are only being developed now, and at a premium cost. My Neo arrived two weeks ago and I have used it every day. It weighs as much as a paperback novel, powers up in one second, saves as you type, and doesn't crank heat into your lap like a pc does. The screen is easy to read in the sun and depending on font size, you see three lines of writing at a time - enough to edit as you work.

I have Windows 7 and it had no problem recognizing the Neo when I attached it with the cables it comes with. You just "send' text into your word processing program, and it transfers it (although a little slowly, it does give you time to read over the work as it comes in). I have used it on the beach, at the park, at the dinner table and on an airplane. This little guy is going everywhere with me. I understand it lasts months on a few AA batteries - I can't attest to that, but after at least 20 hours of steady use, the battery meter hasn't budged.

If you can get it for under $50 like I did, you are out of reasons to not own this thing!

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5Bargain for skyrocketed productivity
By Kindle Customer
Highly recommend for writing unplugged. My blog productivity is significantly improved since I can't wander onto the web. Device: lightweight but sturdy. Form factor: strictly utilitarian, and institutional green, but keyboard is comfortable. Wish it had a handle cause I take it everywhere. Alphasmart Neo is a steal. Now I don't need to shell out $500 for a Freewrite, and wait months for delivery! Alphasmart Neo - Handheld

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