AlphaSmart Dana - Handheld - Palm OS 4.1 ( 560 x 160 )

AlphaSmart Dana - Handheld - Palm OS 4.1 ( 560 x 160 )


  • Brand: Dana
  • Color: black
  • Manufacturer: Alphasmart


  • Included are a full-size keyboard and a screen that's 3.5 times wider than the typical handheld screen.
  • Virtually all Palm applications are compatible with Dana, and many are ready to take advantage of the wide screen.


The AlphaSmart saved every keystroke directly to the machine's RAM, which was maintained by a battery backup even when powered down. AlphaSmarts could transfer data either by a special program that communicated with the AlphaSmart or by the simpler method of transmitting the keystrokes of the written text as if it were the computer's keyboard. When not transferring text, the AlphaSmart could be used as a standard keyboard. AlphaSmarts were very popular in schools for their affordability and durability. Elementary schools and high schools used them; and they were particularly popular among special education departments for use by students with graphomotor challenges. The machines were also popular among journalists and writers, who found them easy to carry and appreciated the full-size keyboard and long battery life