Zyxel Personal Cloud Storage [2-Bay] for Home with Remote Access and Media Streaming [NAS326]

Zyxel Personal Cloud Storage [2-Bay] for Home with Remote Access and Media Streaming [NAS326]
From ZyXEL

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Product Details

  • Brand: ZyXEL
  • Model: NAS326
  • Aspect ratio: Unknown
  • Dimensions: 6.46" h x 4.84" w x 8.15" l, 2.77 pounds
  • Hard Disk: 0TB
  • Networking: Ethernet 1000 Mb-s


  • Zero-configuration design for remote access from ZyXEL Drive
  • Easy to use mobile group sharing from your own personal cloud
  • User portal as device status dashboard
  • Easy to setup, maintain and organize
  • RAID 1 read/write performance at 105/105.8 MB/s

"Ever wanted to share drive space with a certain community in your social circle? Wouldn’t it be great if they can easily access the media you’re sharing via their own mobile devices? Now you can with ZyXEL NAS326: instantly share hundreds of pictures and video clips you took with friends and family on vacations with the ZyXEL Drive mobile app! Need to access your memorable moments of your social groups away from home? The ZyXEL Drive mobile app enables you to freely access files on the ZyXEL NAS326 whenever and wherever you are—as long as you’re connected to the Internet."

Customer Reviews

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By Jonathan H.
I will update the review at a later time, but I felt the need to write up a review and possibly help others get their NAS326 set up.


I previously had a Lenovo ix2-dl that I used mainly to backup my hypervisor's virtual machines. It stopped working after a little over a year and never really had great throughput or speed. I ordered this because of the price, not needing any of the special features consumer NASes come with today. After I received this I planned to hook it up quickly, plug in my external ssd drive to one of the usb 3.0 ports on the back, and set it up remotely, as I had to leave in a hurry. After plugging it up I looked at the instruction tried using the findme wizard, didn't work. I then tried using NAS Starter Utility, didn't work. I also tried getting to the web interface, didn't work. I had the IP address (, could ping, but nothing would connect. I spent 4+ hours trying to get this thing to work. I hooked it up to another router, power offs/reboots, w/wo hard drives installed. Nothing worked. There is very little documentation on this thing so google was no help. I ended up reading user manuals for the older 325v2, which point to using the NAS starter utility, which wasn't working correctly. I would receive a config failed error whenever I tried to use the app. So I decided to try resetting it one more time, this time looking it up to see the exact process to reset it. Hold button for 1 beep resets the *password*, holding the reset button for 2 or more beeps resets all device settings!!! After the device rebooted I had a real IP address from my DHCP pool and could connect fine. Zyxel needs to work on documentation before releasing a product.

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5So far so good
By Steve
Only had it for a day, but wanted to give my experience so far. It arrived yesterday, along with 2 3tb drives. I installed the drives with no real issues, 4 screws per hard drive, and slide them back in.

I then took it downstairs, and installed it into my network along with 2 more hard drives via USB3 dual enclosure, as well as a USB portable hard drive that I use for work documentation. Once fired up, I had to install the software, and it found the NAS no issues. I did the initialazation, and away I went. It popped up in my network, and I was making folders for everyone in the house. No issues so far, and am getting about 70mb/sec to external drives, and 110mb/sec for the internal drives. Great little NAS

This thing has worked flawlessly for what I needed it for. I was getting sick of lugging around all my USB drives and such, so this thing is a real lifesaver. It allows me to have the 2 bays for hdd's, then I have a 2 hdd usb3 carriage hooked up with 2 more hard drives, as well as my portable hard drive for work. So I can access all of these drives now over my network, and do what I need to. The ability to just VPN into the drives from anywhere is awesome as well. Even with all of this, it uses 17 watts when fully spun up, and less than 4 watts when idle. Great little NAS. Might get an extra so that if this one fails, I am just plugging a new one in.

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5Acceptable performance, features and security considering the price
By Amir
The price was very tempting and the item was very affordable for me (comparing to 'dump' USB HDD enclosures available in the market!). I was looking for a NAS server that has RAID 1 functionality to mirror the storage drives. I found this device in very competitive price. I decided to give it a try and accept the possible 'risks'. Once received, I surprised with the process of the setup. It was extremely fast and easy. I've updated the official firmware with in-built update feature immediately. The update installed flawlessly. The default out-of-the-box security settings were not good. I disabled unnecessary services and ports and enabled SSL on all web connections. The default system password needs to be changed immediately before connecting to Internet. I noticed that there is no any known security vulnerability in the device published, compared to the more expensive competitors like QNAP and NetGear. The device performance on the Gigabit Ethernet port is excellent and acceptable. The device is a little bit slow in the USB transfer but it's acceptable considering the price I paid for the device.
The SATA performance for internal HDDs is excellent. The device provide limited functionality in the web interface, but all are working very well and solid.
The only negative comments about the device was that some of the packages bundled with the device are behind the latest version available out there. My attempts to upgrade "ownCloud" app from version 7 to 8 by its build-in update functionality within "ownCloud" package failed. But, it's not very important as far as the limited functionality improve the overall security of storage and data. I'm looking for a way to be able to use AWS Glacier backup. There is no built-in feature in the device to use AWS s3 or Glacier backup.
My overall verdict, the device quality and features fits my purpose and I'm happy with the purchase.

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