ROCCAT Tyon Black - All Action Multi-Button Gaming Mouse

ROCCAT Tyon Black - All Action Multi-Button Gaming Mouse

List Price: $89.99

Price: $60.00


  • Brand: ROCCAT
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: ROCCAT
  • Model: ROC-11-850-AM
  • Weight: 28


  • Achieve ultimate precision with the 8200 DPI Pro Aim Laser Senso
  • ROCCAT Easy-Shift button duplicator technology allows for a secondary function on each mouse button for endless configuration possibilities
  • 14 programmable mouse buttons, Fin Switch, as well as X-Celerator thumb button for increased command and control
  • Natural form-fitting design and solid structure for ergonomic comfort
  • Customizable two-level light system allows you to personalize the look of your scroll wheel and mouse rim


Unbridled Control

Gaming is all about precision and discipline, and that makes the Roccat Tyon the ideal gaming mouse when traversing any virtual environment. Utilizing the X-Celerator, a single-axis analog thumb panel, 14 programmable buttons and a Dorsal Fin Switch, the Tyon arms you with a huge arsenal of functionality and control. Flanked by four side buttons to the left and right of the mouse, the Tyon allows you to execute multiple commands without having to resort to using your keyboard. This means a faster, more intuitive response during FPS and MOBAs without cutting down on comfort and quality.

Extreme Customization

The Roccat Tyon is an undisputed giant of customization. The groundbreaking Easy-Shift technology lets you assign a secondary function to each button of the mouse, allowing for a multitude of attack possibilities. Ultimately this means you can create custom profiles and settings for each game you play, ensuring that your Tyon is finely tuned to your gaming style and particular genre, whether this is an MMO, an MOBA or FPS. What's more, the Tyon feature's Roccat's comprehensive driver suite which provides total specificity over every feature of your gaming mouse. This includes the sensitivity options, the vertical scroll speed and horizontal tilt speed of your mouse wheel, as well as various DPI settings and double click speed.

Ergonomic and Smart Build

The Tyon is built solidly to fit firmly in any gamer's hand. The thumb rest behind the side buttons is extremely comfortable and sports a coarse skin to ensure your hand won't slip. The shape of the mouse is slightly curved and the height is appropriate to the hands of most people using it, meaning it's an ergonomically sound and naturally form-fitting design. The Tyon also features a 32-bit processor with 576KB memory for rapid macro storage and execution. This smart design means you're likely to be ahead of your competitors in games like Battlefield, League of Legends, and Dota 2.