Lite-ON Black Premium 16X SATA Internal CD/DVD/RW DVD DL Dual Layer Optical Disc Drive Burner Recorder (DH-16AFSH-PREMM2)

Lite-ON Black Premium 16X SATA Internal CD/DVD/RW DVD DL Dual Layer Optical Disc Drive Burner Recorder (DH-16AFSH-PREMM2)

Price: $49.99


  • Brand: Lite-On
  • Color: black
  • Manufacturer: Lite-On
  • Model: DH-16AFSH
  • Weight: 200


  • DVD Family: DVD-/+R (16X* maximum) DVD-/+R DL (8X maximum) DVD-/+RW (6X maximum) DVD-ROM (16X maximum) Random Access Time: 200ms
  • CD Family: CD-R (48X maximum) CD-ROM (48X maximum) CD-RW (24X maximum) Random Access Time: 140ms
  • PC Required: 1GHz or faster CPU recommended. Windows 8 requires SSE2, PAE and NX-bit Support. 1GB RAM and 16GB free disk space required under 32-bit OS ( 2GB RAM and 20GB space under 64-bit OS ) for creating DVD Disc. Available SATA port required. Compatibility: DOS 6.xx, Windows 8 / Windows 7 / XP / 2003 / Vista and Linux operating system.
  • Load Type: Tray Interface: SATA Internal 12 / 8 cm CD and DVD drive (half height form factor)
  • Dimensions: 146(W) X 41.3(H) X170(D) mm. Package Types: OEM


Our Commitment with Best Product Quality and Technical Support:

Lite-ON premium optical disc drive DH-16AFSH-Premm 2, is a professional-use half height DVD drive. (H/H ODD) Using high quality OPU, Spindle motor and other key components, DH-16AFSH-Premm 2 perform as a very high quality CD/DVD drive. It supports all popular CD and DVD discs in the market with very good disc compatibility and writing quality. Under the strongest support from our experienced and professional ODD team, LiteON premium drive can satisfy every special requirement and application of half height optical disc drive in the world.

Premium 2: Manual Duplicator (OEM Packaging)

Product Features:

1, Optical Pickup Head (OPU):

Higher grade OPU (Better heat / dissipation / reliability / stability)

Better optical property

Strict mechanical parts assembling criteria

2, Spindle Motor:

Strict specification for runout / tilt / main axis vertical angle

Assembled with specific parts

3, Belt: High-level belt (longer life / better reliability / better stability)

4, Heat sink: High-level heat sink with better heat-transfer coefficient for DSP

5, SATA connector: Thicker gold-plated parts for better anti-corrosion

6, Longer drive life

7, Product quality control:

Strict quality control (IQC/IPQC/OQC)

Reworked and repaired drives are not allowed

8, Firmware support:

High compatibility with all types of discs and copy cards

Low burning defect rate (Lite-On exclusive burning strategy)

Low burning down speed rate

Prefect audio CD burning quality without distortion

9, Tray gear and tooling: Better tray gear and tooling