Intel Core i7-4790K Processor- BX80646I74790K

Intel Core i7-4790K Processor- BX80646I74790K


  • Brand: Intel
  • Manufacturer: Intel
  • Model: BX80646I74790K
  • Weight: 70


  • Compatible with z97 boards only
  • Not compatible with Z87 or Intel Motherboards
  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology
  • Processor with Unlocked Clock Multiplier
  • Quick Sync Video enabling faster video conversion Supports LGA 1150 socket


OEM CPU. Fan not included.
The Intel Core i7 processor provides new levels of brilliant performance for highly threaded immersive games. By distributing AI, physics, and rendering across eight software threads, the Intel Core i7 processor lets you concentrate on taking down the bad guys wihle your PC handles all the visual details such as texturing and shading that keep you feeling totally immersed. It's a gaming experience so perfect, you just might lose yourself in the action.