Cable Matters 6 Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector with USB Charging in White (Updated Version with Dimmed LED Light)

Cable Matters 6 Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector with USB Charging in White (Updated Version with Dimmed LED Light)

Price: $13.59


  • Brand: Cable Matters
  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer: Cable Matters
  • Model: 402007-WHT
  • Weight: 60


  • WALL MOUNT SURGE PROTECTOR converts any standard single gang wall outlet into a mini-charging station for powering, protecting, and re-charging mobile devices
  • SURGE SUPPRESSOR with shared dual USB charging ports for charging two mobile devices simultaneously with a total of 2.4 amps; Dedicated USB ports eliminate the need for proprietary wall adapters and re-charger faster than a computer USB port
  • SIMPLE AND SECURE INSTALLATION into any vertical grounded AC outlet with the integrated stabilizing post and included outlet mounting screw; Clean-up counter clutter and never forget where you left your phone with one centralized location for charging and storing
  • RELIABLE POWER SURGE PROTECTION combines a 540 joules suppression rating, low clamping voltage, advanced X3 MOV safety shutdown technology, and EMI/RFI noise reduction to protect up to 8 connected devices
  • 6-OUTLET tap with a diagnostic green Protected LED strip that verifies surge protection status at a glance; Includes a 2-Pack of Micro-USB charging cables compatible with Android or Windows phones and tablets


Protected USB Charging Power

The 540 joules surge protection rating offers voltage suppression not available with the average wall outlet. Advanced X3 metal oxide varistor in a fire-retardant ceramic casing uses high energy dissipation to absorb excess voltage. Safety shut-down technology uses built-in thermal fuses to power-off the connected equipment when any extended over-voltage is detected or at the surge protection end-of-life. An EMI/RFI filter reduces AC line noise and radio frequency interference. A diagnostic Protected LED strip verifies protection at a glance so problems with any electrical outlet are noticed quickly.

Form And Function with Bonus Cables

Clean-up counter cable clutter and charge your mobile devices at one centralized location. This 6-outlet wall receptacle provides more options for powering and charging portable devices with bottom outlets that accommodate bulky adapters without blocking the USB ports. Two Micro USB charging cables are included.

True Universal USB Compatibility

Uniquely equipped USB ports have an intelligent chipset that charges devices from most manufacturers including Samsung.

Important Notes

- Not recommended for GFCI outlets with a reset button
- USB ports may not charge Windows tablets
- Micro-USB cables cannot charge an iPhone