Dust and water resistant silky smooth antistatic vinyl All-In-One Dust Covers (27")

Dust and water resistant silky smooth antistatic vinyl All-In-One Dust Covers (27")

Price: $19.88


  • Manufacturer: Computer Dust Solutions, LLC
  • Weight: 40


  • WHILE OTHER MONITOR COVERS are flimsy, have the strong chemical smell of cheap vinyl, are downright ugly or don't protect against moisture, these covers are manufactured from an advanced silky-smooth antistatic copolymer that is pliable, good looking and moisture resistant. This means your expensive monitors can remain dust, moisture and static free while LOOKING GOOD AND LASTING LONGER.
  • NO MORE STRESSING about the wear and tear of dust and other contaminants on your high-end monitor displays, or worrying about the unpredictable bathroom habits of pets, or kids. These covers will keep your screen clean and extend the life of your equipment, giving you peace of mind and protecting your reputation.
  • YOU DON'T WANT UNSIGHTLY PROTECTION. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the silky-smooth feel and visual appeal of medium blue trim against the milky white cover. Like warm coconut oil against a tropical sky.
  • AT COMPUTER DUST SOLUTIONS our mission is to improve the bottom line of as many businesses and lives as possible. For more than ten years through continuous improvement these protectors have evolved to meet the high tech demands of our diverse customers throughout the US and abroad.
  • COVER SIZE: (27W x 18H x 3D(Top)/8D(Bottom)) fits most 27" All-in-one PCs, Several cover sizes available to ensure a good fit


These All-In-One dust covers are constructed from a translucent, water resistant and silky smooth anti-static vinyl material for effective dust, moisture and static protection. Color is creamy coconut with sky-blue trim.