Lap Desk Multi-Function Knee Pad for Laptop Tablet Comfortable Cushion- Round (Coffee, 19x4x14inch) …

Lap Desk Multi-Function Knee Pad for Laptop Tablet Comfortable Cushion- Round (Coffee, 19x4x14inch) …


  • Brand: LIMAM
  • Color: Coffee


  • Material: 100% polyester: Suede fabric wool feeling soft, smooth, thin texture, good wear resistance, micro-pore structure between fabrics, allowing more static air in the fabric, so you can get better thermal insulation effect. filling: polystyrene foam beads: Seismic performance, not easy to deformation, light weight, can greatly reduce the weight of goods. Environmental protection materials, can be naturally degraded, will not cause white pollution. Density plate hardness, load-bearing good,
  • Size: 18.5" L*12.5" W*2/3.5" H: Space is very large, very suitable for 15-inch and below the computer use (the picture is using a 14-inch computer, please refer to).
  • Functions of the lap desk for laptop: Multifunctional, suitable for outdoor or indoor use, inside-car production of handicrafts, reading or writing; also suitable for facilitating the working or eating of people who cannot move conveniently; and for office workers to take a nap on in the afternoon.
  • Design of the optimum angle and height: An angle of inclination of 8 degrees, to keep the height of your sighting line and relieve the pressure and pain at your neck.
  • Cooling Function: EPP material has outstanding heat resistance and thermal insulation, capable of letting heat to diffuse without block to all directions; the articulation passage helps reduce unnecessary heat and provide adequate ventilation.


Use your computer more easily!

Large size, light weight; This product is wider than the average computer table. Ideal for people who use
computers for a long time at home or on a trip, put your computer on, comfortable,and if your laptop is 14
inches or less, your mouse can be put up to use, This is very convenient.
Threading holes in the design, when the notebook has no electricity, it can be neatly and conveniently
charged, but also easy to move it freely.
Anti-skid file design, more intimate, when you use the computer, is not worried about the computer will slide
down, do not worry, this anti-skid file can avoid this trouble, smooth surface can also be very good
protection of your beloved notebook it!
The density board is smooth and beautiful, it is very suitable for children who like to paint on it, and easy
to clean!
When you put it on your lap, because it's lighter, you can move anywhere else. Ergonomic design: Very suitable
for learning on a chair, a sofa or in bed; also for production of handicrafts or eating.

Minimum height of the cushion: 2 inches; Maximum height: 3.5 inches; after practical tests, we have designed
it to be of the height for the most comfortable use of laptops.