LapGear MyDesk Lap Desk - Black (Fits up to 15" Laptop)

LapGear MyDesk Lap Desk - Black (Fits up to 15" Laptop)

List Price: $19.99

Price: $17.99


  • Brand: Lap Desk
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Creative Manufacturing, LLC dba Lap Desk
  • Model: 45348
  • Weight: 146


  • All-Purpose Lap Desk with a built-in handle, curved edge and super-soft fleece cushion
  • Dual-bolster cushion provides the correct angle for optimal screen viewing
  • Micro-bead filled cushion conforms to the lap, providing comfort and stability
  • 2 built-in storage compartments for organizing accessories
  • Dimensions: 18.9 x 13.3 x 2.6 in.
  • Microbead Lap Pad
  • Great For Netbooks
  • Deep Organizer Trays


The MyDesk Lap Desk - it’s like it was made for you. The curved edge conforms to your lap for a cozy fit, and the work space is large enough to accommodate up to 15.6" laptops. Smooth, flat surface area provides proper ventilation for your laptop. Dual-Bolster cushions feature an innovative airflow channel so you and your laptop stay cool and comfy. 2 built-in compartments make organization easy- perfect for a toddler storing Crayons or an executive stashing paperclips.