Wacom Intuos Pro digital graphic drawing tablet for Mac or PC, Medium, (PTH660) NEW MODEL

Wacom Intuos Pro digital graphic drawing tablet for Mac or PC, Medium, (PTH660) NEW MODEL
From Wacom

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Product Details

  • Size: Medium
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Wacom
  • Model: PTH660
  • Aspect ratio: Unknown
  • Dimensions: .31" h x 8.54" w x 13.14" l, 1.54 pounds
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion


  • New pen technology supports 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt-response and virtually lag-free tracking.Wacom Intuos Pro is our finest creative pen tablet to date, redefining the professional standard in creative pen tablets
  • System Requirements :USB port, Windows® 7 or later (64bit),Mac OS 10.10 or later, Bluetooth Classic for wireless connection to PC or Mac,Bluetooth LE for wireless connection to mobile devices (in paper mode),Internet connection to download driver* and Software.
  • Medium size is a super-slim tablet design with a more compact footprint (13.2" x 8.5") and larger active area than previous models (8.7" x 5.8")
  • Speed your workflow with multi-touch gestures, customizable Express Keys, Radial Menus and pen side switches
  • Download the latest drivers on Wacom's website for optimal experience

The professional standard in creative pen tablets Wacom Intuits Pro sets a new standard for professional pen tablets. The new Wacom Pro Pen 2 features impressive pressure-sensitivity, tilt-response and virtually lag-free tracking. Get natural creative control while you illustrate, edit or design digitally with Intuits Pro. Paper to digital workflow Some artists and designers work only digitally, while others start on paper. The new Intuits Pro line lets you do both. For all-digital work, choose the standard Intuits Pro. To sketch on paper and refine digitally, select the revolutionary Intuits Pro Paper Edition. The Paper Edition combines the Intuits Pro tablet with a detachable Paper Clip and Fine tip Pen. Clip your drawing paper on the tablet and sketch. While you sketch on paper, an editable version is captured and stored on the tablet. You don't need to be online or connected to a computer when you are sketching, so work anywhere, anytime. If you need to immediately share your sketches with others, Wacom Intuits Pro Paper Edition connects to your iOS or Android device over Bluetooth LE. The version of Wacom Ink space app (available from February 2017 on) will let you view, export and share right away. Connect Intuits Pro Paper Edition to your computer whenever you choose. Ink space syncs, stores and exports your sketches in creative file formats. Then fine-tune your work with the Intuits Pro tablet, Wacom Pro Pen 2 and your favorite creative software on Mac or PC. Individualize your digital workplace Customizable Express Keys, Touch Ring, Radial Menus and pen side switches provide easy shortcuts. Multi-touch surface lets you zoom, pan and navigate. Three different Texture Sheets (from smooth to rough) personalize your tablet surface feel. sold separately Slim and Compact Intuits Pro is super-slim and compact. The included Wacom Pro Pen 2 has interchangeable pen tips. A beautiful new Pen Stand and a protective Accessory Soft Case for your Paper Clip, pens and nibs are included. Connect to your PC or Mac with built-in wireless Bluetooth or a USB cable. offered with Paper Edition models Even More Creative Options The standard Intuits Pro and the Paper Edition are available in medium and large sizes. Accessories (sold separately): Ballpoint Pen, Fine tip Pen, Pencil (available mid 2017), Texture Sheets, Soft Cases, Pen Nibs, Refills.

Customer Reviews

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2For a new user: Great. Upgrading?: Not worth the price.
By Anda

1) It's very lightweight and beautiful. High class design, wonderful to hold and carry (even the large version). The back is completely metal, so it can be extremely cold at times.

2) Native wireless (doesn't need the Wacom wireless accessory kit like previous models). The bluetooth works well and never dropped and did not have any noticeable lag.

3) The new pen uses 8000+ pressure sensitivity levels.

4) Native touch support.

5) Touch has excellent palm rejection.

6) The new pen stand is incredibly cool, very well designed, has a great weight to it.


1) If you're not a new user and you have your programs set up with specific pressure curves or you're used to using brushes with a specific amount of pressure, you will have to recalibrate every. single. brush. to be able to do the same work with the same general feel. However, stippling work is easier than ever as even lighter strokes are possible.

2) If you use the Wacom Art Pen (the one that has rotation sensitivity) you will have to deal with either losing the new pressure levels, or deal with losing the rotation. I chose the rotation in the end, as the sensitivity levels are BARELY noticeable, at best.

3) The surface sheet is ROUGH. It's not even the "rough" surface that Wacom offers (or rather, will offer, as the new surface sheets are unavailable at this time). Using the standard nib (not even the felt one) feels like writing with a Sharpie on cardboard.

4) The amount of drag the new nibs and surface sheet produce really slow down production times if you're used to doing very light, quick strokes.

5) Also the amount of drag from the nibs and surface sheet absolutely destroy the nibs. I have a very light touch and have never had to replace a Wacom nib in the 14 years I've used their tablets, a single nib on this new sheet was completely eaten within 2 weeks of use- and most of the time I ended up using the Art Pen and not the new pen, anyway. Maybe 9 hours total use and it was absolutely destroyed. It's very likely using the felt nibs would be even worse- and they don't offer a pack of the new nibs in the store yet, either- by the time they do, I'm afraid every nib would have been completely used up.

6) Touch doesn't work correctly in most programs. Photoshop's touch abilities are the best so far, picking up the difference between a rotate and a zoom gesture quickly, but most other programs don't quite work as expected. Not exactly a problem with the tablet itself, but with the driver and compatibility with different apps.

7) As of right now (Early Feb 2017), the driver has some issues and causes some significant lag at times. This is wired, not on bluetooth. A stroke will take a moment to pick up, and at times, will freeze a program like Photoshop for seconds at a time before registering. Using an earlier driver and a different pen fixes these issues, so it's definitely unique to the new model.

8) The side buttons, while aesthetically pleasing, are extremely difficult to use while not looking at the tablet as you can barely feel them on the tablet- my work process was slowed significantly just hunting for my shortcut buttons. The touch ring is fine, though.

9) The nibs themselves feel extremely cheap and flimsy and only come in two varieties: felt and standard. No rubber tipped or spring nibs. Old nibs will not work in the new pen. New nibs fall out sometimes and need to be pushed back in every once in a while. The nibs in general are the major problem spot I see with this new model.

10) Any old accessories do not work with the new pen (the larger grip, for example). The new pen has a different size and shape and Wacom currently does not offer any alternate grips for the new pen.

11) The new pen, while lighter, feels significantly cheaper. The pen's side button rattles if you shake it and has an extremely light actuation weight- you can accidentally press it just by shaking the pen.

12) 500$. Perhaps the Paper model might be worth it, but the new "regular" model is just not worth the price tag to upgrade if you're already using an older model Intuos Pro. Or even an older Intuos standard.

All in all, if you're looking to upgrade from a Pen and Touch/Bamboo/older, smaller, hobbyist tablets- this will be a pretty nice upgrade, if you can stand the fact that you're likely looking at a big price tag of nib replacements over the years. But if you're already an Intuos Pro/Intuos user, then this model is absolutely not worth the price.

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3Wacom Intuos Pro is good, but Paper edition upgrade is not worth it
By Go on...
I have been professionally retouching photos for 18 years, full time. I have been using a Wacom tablet (non-display) for that long. The hardware is great. I just replaced an indestructible old tablet that didn't keep up with modern technology.

My problem is with the Wacom software and customer service. I purchased this Intuos Pro Paper edition last week. The device works fine with Photoshop for retouching, however, I decided to purchase the Paper edition because I wanted to give it a try. Using the tablet outside the office and drawing a few things, have a few sketches digitally saved without scanning.

First off, the ink pen writes nicely onto the physical paper, but I'm not impressed by the digital representation of the sketch that the Paper edition provides, so I'd rather scan my drawings, but I wouldn't even take a star off for that. I'd like to point out that my Galaxy Note seems to produce the same line quality and I have more flexibility drawing with that than with this Paper tablet. So for me the Wacom Paper feature is kind of pointless. If my end result is going to be a digital drawing, I can use a different device for that. My mobile devices have screens that I could use in the dark, same line quality, have color, produce vector and layered files, etc. But whatever, I'm not comparing their features for the purpose of taking off stars from the Wacom tablet because of that. I'm highlighting the uselessness of it, that I did not think about earlier, for me and other people that have mobile devices that they can already draw with.

My removal of the first star, out of five, is because the Inkspace software does not work with my Mac. I've downloaded it and tried to install it several times during the past week and it's not working. The program doesn't run, my Mac gives me an error that it's not a valid program and it even provides a pop up error button that says "move to trash", as it's a nonfunctioning program. So, I'm flexible and installed the app on my phone. I was able to see my drawings on Inkspace mobile. However, I run Inkspace browser edition on my Mac to see if I could download those images from there. I get nothing. They're not visible. To me, Inkspace is supposed to be a type of cloud, right? But it's not functioning as one because the images do not appear on the browser version of Inkspace. Where are the images? I have no idea. So what I can do, is export a vector file to my mobile internal memory, then upload to dropbox or drive or any other cloud and then download it from there. That's a lot of workaround, when I could just draw on my sketchbook and scan it quickly or draw on my mobile device.

Second star removal for customer service. I've contacted Wacom twice for a different download link or any assistance they could provide to help solve this issue and I have not received any responses.

If I had purchased the tablet without Paper, I might have given it 5 stars because I wouldn't have had the negative experience of researching the heck out of how to make my tablet upload an image to the computer seamlessly. Thumbs down on that. In the end, Paper edition cost me about $422 after taxes. I don't think it's worth the extra $50

***UPDATE 5/8/17
I cannot recommend this tablet. There are many many glitches that are affecting my work. I retouch with Photoshop every day for a living, the glitches are causing tools to stick and not switch back and forth using the keyboard shortcuts. It's really ridiculous. This is insane, my work production is slowed down significantly as I keep clicking multiple times on the keyboard shortcut to the the tool to switch.

Other glitches include not being able to click through certain buttons on web browsers, not being able to click through the song position slider on Spotify when I am able to use it with the trackpad on the laptop.

I might have to revert to my old tablet and render this one useless.

And yes they've fixed the other issue with Inkspace, but that's more of a novelty item, the basic functionality of the tablet is just awful.

***UPDATE 7/21/17
The tablet received driver updates that corrected most of the original issues I had with it. I believe it's finally safe to purchase this device if you're using it for work. I do not recommend the paper version unless you're really going to use it. The line quality isn't something that you can't already get on a regular mobile tablet or phone. My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 outputted better digital files than this and you have more control over line quality with other devices. It's 'ok' for doodling. I'm still not satisfied with the uploading process because you have to use the Wacom application for it but at least it finally works.

Had I purchased this tablet today, without the paper addition and with all the driver updates, I might have gave it 5 stars. Just so happens I bought it earlier and it had so many problems. I waited for a long time to receive the updates and it was tedious to use professionally until then. So it leaves a bad taste but I raised my rating from 1 to 3 stars.

***UPDATE 8/28/17
Never mind. There are still various glitches with the tablet. When you browse through videos online or use Spotify you get intermittent glitches for not being able to skip the position slider. Sometimes you can't click on buttons within browser pages. It's just a sloppy mess right now. Functionality seems ok for using Photoshop, though, which is most important for me.

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5Industry Standard, Worth the Price
After poring over reviews for less inexpensive tablets I finally decided to purchase the more expensive Intuos Pro (medium size). While pricey, it does not disappoint. It suits my needs perfectly as a 3d artist who suffers from wrist and joint pain. I moved from a mouse to a trackball years ago, and while it helped, it did not alleviate the problem. The pen-tablet combo is even better, for while some movements remain repetitive, many are mitigated through the multiple ways of accomplishing similar tasks. I still pull out the trackball when doing simple things like typing/navigating documents etc., but am using the stylus more-and-more for a variety of applications as I become used to it.

‚óŹ Intuitive settings interface
‚óŹ The included stylus is easy on the hands (mine are large, but not huge: long thin fingers)
‚óŹ Bluetooth or Type C connection for wireless or wired use (I have not used this feature)
‚óŹ Mid-size tablet is a perfect size for everything I do (the large would be too much for my tasks)
‚óŹ Pen comes with several replacement nibs
‚óŹ Tablet surface is sensitive and feels natural to write on for me
‚óŹ Has a user friendly "Touch" feature that turns it into a giant track-pad with programmable hand gestures (works really well for me)
‚óŹ "Touch" feature can be disabled with the flick of a switch
‚óŹ On-tablet programmable buttons, as well as pop-up menus for all or select apps
‚óŹ The option to replace the standard (medium) drawing surface (smooth, medium, rough)

‚óŹ Sometimes the driver stops working (so far not often). Pulling its USB and then plugging it back in takes care of this, and when that fails a reboot is necessary--annoying when in the middle of a work-flow.
‚óŹ The side buttons on the new model are stiff, requiring a bit of pressure to toggle/keep toggled. Repetitive tasks are then more difficult, especially when hand fatigue sets in. As a result I find myself using the keyboard for shortcuts with my left hand while working the stylus with my right. Wacom would do well to lighten the mechanical switch, or provide the option for user defined pressure settings.
‚óŹ The "Touch" feature can only be disabled through the mechanical side switch. Some applications do not distinguish well between pen and hand input, making the touch feature undesirable when a stylus is necessary. It is a bit annoying to have to physically toggle a switch when one is using keyboard shortcuts, pop-up menus, etc. Wacom would do well to also include a programmable shortcut etc. for touch on/off (I believe the older version of the Intuos had this feature, but without the mechanical switch--which I do like).
‚óŹ The included medium grade drawing surface seems to be wearing out my nibs prematurely. If I end up spending a lot on extra nibs I will take the plunge and replace the surface with its smooth variant, but would rather save the money. For now I am carefully refining my used nibs with 1000 grit sandpaper, which works well-enough.

In spite of these minor annoyances, I am very satisfied with this tablet. Hopefully the next permutation by Wacom will be even better.

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