PeraltaProducts 12v Car Plug Cigarette Lighter Adapter for AT&T ZTE Mobley LTE Hotspot Unlimited

PeraltaProducts 12v Car Plug Cigarette Lighter Adapter for AT&T ZTE Mobley LTE Hotspot Unlimited


  • Brand: PeraltaProducts
  • Manufacturer: PeraltaProducts
  • Weight: 38


  • PeraltaProducts is the only exclusive supplier. Avoid fake/counterfeit items.
  • OBD2 to 12V Cigarette Lighter Port
  • Proudly Assembled in the USA! visit our site for FAQ.
  • Works in any vehicle, even in vehicles manufactured prior to 1996. If you Have a 12v cigarette lighter port in your car, our product will work.
  • Built in on/off status led. Length:2 Meters


Allows ZTE Mobley OBD device and any other obd/obd2 powered device to be used with a 12v cigarette plug. Adapter works anywhere a cigarette port is available. "PeraltaProducts" is the exclusive supplier of this product, beware of anybody else selling our product. Construction: A one piece solid cable. Produced to the highest quality standards by a small startup company in Kansas. Product ships in a frustration-free package, white box or plastic bag.
Here is our FAQ
Q: Why my Mobley turns off after 10 minutes or so?
A: You have the timeout option in your Mobley enabled. Probably at 10 minutes. This is a feature in the mobley to prevent a car's battery from discharging.
Q: How to turn off the timeout option in my Mobley?
A: Use any computer and go to the mobley device website: http://attwifimanager. Password is: attadmin Then Settings>advanced>Power Save > Choose no Timeout.
Q: I have a usb adapter for my Mobley but my Mobley turns on and off and I have "no timeout " in my Mobley timeout options?
A: Make sure your power source is supplying at least 800mA. A power source of 1A is recommended and can be found in most smartphones power adapters.
Q:There is "no timeout" option under Power Save settings. The highest timeout time I see under this option is 2 hours. What can I do?
A: You have the old firmware of the device. Set your mobley timeout option at 2 hours and wait att servers to push the firmware update over the air to your device. We also sell an adapter that bypasses the timeout setting in your mobley without messing with any settings in your mobley.