GIS-R3 Internet Hotspot Gateway for 100 users

GIS-R3 Internet Hotspot Gateway for 100 users

Price: $179.00


  • Brand: Guest Internet
  • Color: Red
  • Manufacturer: Guest Internet Solutions
  • Model: GIS-R3
  • Weight: 93


  • Control access to the Internet for up to 100 users.
  • Collect names and email addresses or bill credit cards for access.
  • Use your logo, background or custom web design for the login page.
  • Works with any WiFi access point (not included).
  • Ticket printer available (not included).


The hostpot gateway allows you to turn a WiFi access point into a commercial Hotspot. Guests can be billed through the sale of login vouchers, gain free access (by agreeing to a disclaimer) or enter their name and email address.

Cost of ownership: There are no setup costs, monthly fees or transaction fees, all you pay is the purchase price of the gateway.

Performance: 100 concurrent users (with no limits), throughput of 20Mb/s.

Authentication: Log in using a voucher, agreeing to a disclaimer (terms and conditions) or providing a name and email address.

Custom login page: Customized with an image or company logo. A login page can be designed to look like the business web page.

Payments with PayPal: Guests can pay through their browser using PayPal or any debit or credit card.

Firewall: Protects the business network from guests as well as from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Allows remote management.

Content filter: Access to web sites can be filtered and blocked using OpenDNS.

P2P and file sharing: Peer to peer applications can be blocked.

Speed control: Each guest can be throttled to an upload and download speed.

Login management: Up to 10,000 codes can be set up and reused.

Reporting: 28 days of logins can be viewed, graphed and downloaded into Excel (CSV).

Setup wizard: Allows quick and easy set up including a login page.

Works with any type of WiFi access point (not included).

Ticket printer available (not included).