USB Adapter for AT&T ZTE Mobley OBD2 LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

USB Adapter for AT&T ZTE Mobley OBD2 LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

Price: $24.99


  • Brand: Vegajf
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Vegajf Electronics
  • Model: USB-01-vegajf


  • Quality 1 piece design! The Original Manufacturer Over 500 sold!
  • Internal 5v to 12v IC chip compatible with most common USB chargers
  • Includes 2 full pages of ZTE Mobley Instructions/Tips
  • Assembled in the USA! FULL 60 DAY WARRANTY!


This item is used to power a ZTE Mobley off of USB power for using the Mobley hotspot in the home, RV or anywhere you want to use your connected car data plan including the $20 unlimited one. ZTE Mobley will need to be set to No Time Out on the power save menu in order to prevent item shutting off. If your ZTE Mobley doesn't have the No Time Out feature then set it to 2 hours and wait for firmware update. Current firmware is VM6200V1.0.1 Quality item! has no splicing, shrink tubing or loose wiggly 2 piece plug design. 

âś”Picture of actual item. USB adapter may not be compatible with some USB power banks, does work with most USB ports on computers, laptops and USB chargers(iPhone, Galaxy etc.) ZTE Mobley and $20 Unlimited AT&T Service Sold Separately Also have AC and 12 volt cigarette lighter adapters available if interested check out my other items! 

✔Offer full 60 day warranty on item, if you have any issues please contact me and I will do my absolute best to resolve. Vegajf is the original and first producer of USB ZTE Mobley adapters, we have been producing adapters before most other current sellers even new what a ZTE Mobley was :-)