PCS Vision Picture Phone Sanyo PM-8200 Blue (Sprint)

PCS Vision Picture Phone Sanyo PM-8200 Blue (Sprint)


  • Brand: Sanyo
  • Color: Blue
  • Manufacturer: SANYO


item 33 Compatible with Sprint cell phone service, the Sanyo PM-8200 includes a built-in VGA digital camera with an LED flash, push-to-talk capability, voice dialing, Internet capability, and much more, all displayed on a 1.8-inch, 65k color LCD screen.

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Calling Features
Used simply as a phone, the PM-8200's features include vibrating alert, voice dialing, call screening, a dedicated speakerphone and voice mail button, push-to-talk, and a 300-entry phone book capacity with picture-ID capability. It also supports mobile-to-mobile (walkie-talkie) direct link for up to 6 simultaneous users. This phone supports TTY/TDD (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf) devices.

Messaging and Internet
This phone provides SMS two-way messaging, conventional email, and predictive text assistance, plus picture sharing and voice-memo picture attachment. The PM-8200's Internet connectivity also lets you access online services such as stock quotes, road directions, airline information, entertainment, and more. You can download Java applications (version J2ME) to add additional capabilities to your phone, and high-speed data transfer and download round out the package. The PM-8200 is GPS capable.


Multishot feature:
Take up to 8 rapid shots in sequence
The PIM organizer included with this phone provides programmable reminders for holidays, birthdays, or other significant dates, an event calendar, to-do list, call alarm, alarm clock, calculator, world clock and more.

Fun and Games
For fun, the PM-8200 sports a built-in VGA digital camera, outfitted with a flash, digital zoom, self-timer, multi-shot capability, plus fun frames, color tones, and a security camera lockout feature. The PM-8200 also features 32 chord ring tone capability, and the usual downloadable ring tones, screen savers, wallpaper, and games, in addition to the ones built in to the phone.

Vital Statistics
The Sanyo PM-8200 weighs 3.64 ounces and measures 3.34 x 1.85 x 1.02 inches. Its Lithium Ion batteries are rated at up to 3 hours talk time, and up to 12 days standby time.