Samsung X427 Phone (AT&T)

Samsung X427 Phone (AT&T)


  • Brand: samsung



Compatible with Cingular cell phone service, the Samsung X427 sports a snappy, lightweight shell, a large 128x160 pixel 65K color display, wireless Internet access, and plenty of phone and organizer features.

Calling Features

Used simply as a phone, the X427 benefits from a 5-way scroll key for easy menu navigation and dialing. Primary calling features include vibrate mode, 40-chord polyphonic tones and alerts, and more.

Messaging and Internet

In addition to Internet service, the X427 provides you with two-way text messaging capability, and EMS picture messaging which lets you use downloaded pictures, messaging templates, conventional email, and predictive text assistance in your messages. You can also access online services such as stock quotes, road directions, airline information, entertainment, and more. High speed data retrieval service is also available, and the phone is compatible with downloaded Java (J2ME) applications.


Organizer features include a calendar, to-do list, an auto power-enabled alarm, and calculator with currency converter.

Fun and Games

For fun, the X427 provides customizable graphics, a variety of built-in polyphonic ring tones, and three nifty games.