TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Earbuds For Sports, Running Or Gym Workout. 2017 Updated Version. IPX7 Waterproof, Sweatproof, Secure-Fit Headset. Noise Cancelling Earphones w/ Mic

TREBLAB XR500 Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Earbuds For Sports, Running Or Gym Workout. 2017 Updated Version. IPX7 Waterproof, Sweatproof, Secure-Fit Headset. Noise Cancelling Earphones w/ Mic
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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #1290 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Treblab
  • Model: XR500
  • Fabric type: Wireless earbuds
  • Dimensions: 1.80" h x 1.30" w x 1.90" l, .4 pounds


  • TRUE HD SOUND AND HIGH OUTPUT SPEAKERS - Our best wireless headphones for sports use latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology with cutting edge components to produce rich, CD-like sound quality. Enjoy stunningly crisp treble and strong bass in the gym or on the go and feel the added motivation and improved results.
  • ULTIMATE HEADPHONES FOR SPORTS - We've made the best Bluetooth earbuds for sports! They're eXtra comfortable and will never fall thanks to the secure fit ear-hooks. Run out and sweat as our running headphones are IPX7 WATERPROOF and SWEAT-PROOF. If you're a runner or just love hitting the gym - your search for the best sports headphones is over!
  • BLOCKS OUT THE NOISE - Our Advanced passive noise cancelling headphones come with unique expandable foam ear-tips that block all outside noise and let you focus on what you're doing. The noise isolating feature will also save your eardrums as you'll be able to hear all the smallest details of music without blasting the volume on your wireless earphones.
  • ENHANCED CONNECTIVITY AND PAIRING - It's so irritating when your connection breaks in the middle of a perfect solo, or while talking on the phone. We've made sure it won't happen with a strong and consistent Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, tablet, TV, or computer. Pair wireless earbuds to an Iphone, Ipad or Android device easily in literally 5 seconds. HD MICROPHONE AND CALLS MANAGEMENT - Just touch a button when someone's calling, and to hang up.
  • LONGEST BATTERY - Keep on running with music or talking on the phone without a recharge for up to 9 hours straight! FULL OF LIFE IMPROVING FEATURES - Extra quick pairing, multi-device connectivity, automatic reconnection and more! ***RISK-FREE PURCHASE - Increase your performance and smash your goals with our premium sports earbuds or WE'LL REFUND YOU! Worried about durability? You're covered by our LIFETIME WARRANTY! Also, expect our A++ customer service.

THE WAY YOU EXPERIENCE SOUND IS ABOUT TO CHANGE FOREVER! Hello, we are TREBLAB and we LOVE SOUND. - We were born because we got tired of wasting money hyped up, overpriced or subpar “earbuds” that produce noise instead of sound. - We never cared much for wires that tangle up your body either. - We knew someone had to make the product we dreamed about… the rest is history. TREBLAB XR500 – A TESTAMENT OF TECHNOLOGY AND AUDIO ENGINEERING - When you put on Treblab’s earbuds, your ears will be treated to true HD sound, an unparalleled bass response, and serene noise cancelling – all with seamless wireless Bluetooth connectivity. FEATURES - HIGH-DEFINITION SOUND – Rock-solid bass, super-crisp treble. - PASSIVE NOISE CANCELLATION – with expandable foam ear-tips. - SECURE COMFORT FIT – Soft rubber finish and secure hooks. - LONGEST PLAY TIME – Up to an incredible 9 HOURS of play. - CONTROL CALLS – HD Microphone, volume, skip, pause and play. - COMPATIBLE WITH – All devices with Bluetooth. SPECIFICATIONS- Bluetooth 4.1 CSR - Bluetooth profiles: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP - Noise-Cancellation СМС 6.0 - Operation time: up to 9 hours - Charging time: 2 hours - Signal range: 38 feet - Battery displayed on device - Supports multi-device connection - In-ear voice prompts- Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz - Frequency range: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz Amazon Buyers Trust TREBLAB to be a Brand that is Focused on High-Quality Products and Great Customer Service. So Be Sure to Click Buy Now!

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41) Really good sound. Are they perfect
By Jeffrey Watson
I go through quite a few sets of earbuds. In all this is my 3rd set of bluetooth earbuds, and I can honestly say that I think that the technology is finally to the point that I have all but abandoned wired earbuds.

1) Really good sound. Are they perfect? No. Are they better than 90% of WIRED earbuds under $100? Absolutely. One thing that is really key here is the compression for bluetooth audio has come a long way in the last few years. If your phone is capable of using the apt-x compression that these earbuds use, the audio quality is very good. IMPORTANT: You must make sure to use the equalizer on your phone to ensure you are getting the highest quality sound and to tailor the sound to your preference.
2) Battery life. I use these basically all day while working. I generally get a good 8 hours listening time, and they charge VERY quickly. I have not timed how long it takes to go from dead to fully charged, partially because it is fairly fast. A quick 5-10 minute charge can get fairly significant amount of playing time.
3) Comfort. I keep these things in my ears for hours on end and had no problems with comfort. The ear hooks are soft silicon, and while I was initially concerned that they were not adjustable, they are very flexible and contribute to stability, while not being to stiff. I also use these for running and have completed a dozen or so runs using them. I have had few problems with this, although on a couple of long sweaty runs, the silicon hooks and ear cups started getting slick from being wet with sweat, and the fit was not quite as secure. I used my sweat rag to dry them and my ears off to help the situation, but they did get a little annoying on the particularly long hot runs. Not a huge deal though.
4) Cable. The flat cable really helps with keeping the tangles to a minimum. The coating also does not get as slick when sweaty, or as stiff when cold as previous earbud cables that I have had. Nice touch.
5) Mic. Of the bluetooth head sets that I have owned, this is the first I have owned where I did not get complaints about not being able to be heard, or sounding funny.

1) Connection. This is a tricky one, and not necessarily the fault of these earbuds since the phone you are connecting to factors into this as well. In general the connection is very good. If I leave my phone on my desk, I can get a good 20-30 feet away before the connection begins cutting out. However when using these for runs and workouts is where the issues come in. If my phone is "Secured" snug to my body, in a pocket, or in a running belt, the signal will cut out sometimes when I turn my head to check traffic and such. I have had this problem with other bluetooth headsets as well (almost identical response) so I am sure this is not a problem with this headset in particular. Overall the connection is good, this just becomes a minor annoyance. I will say the last pair I had, had a worse problem, sometimes cutting out but not picking the signal back up, and not fully disconnecting. That was SUPER annoying. I have not had that problem with this set at all so far.
2) Design. Just a couple of annoyances here. I do not like the location of the power/pause/play button. It sits directly on the spot my finger goes to, to push the earbud in when it starts slipping out. So if I am running and my ears are sweaty, I end up pushing the pause button when I am pushing it back in.
I also do not care for the location of the status light. It points forward so that if you have the earbud in and you are facing someone, they see it flashing, and the thing is pretty bright. It would be better if in pointed down, or even toward your head.
3)Using one earbud. I have fixed this problem on my own, but it would be nice if a set of clothing clips were included to secure the wire to your clothes. I frequently use just one earbud so I can hear my surroundings, and if I do not secure the center of the cable to my shirt at the back of my neck, the loose earbud will pull on the other earbud. I fixed this problem by using the cable slide provided with the unit to make a loop at the center of the cable, and then attaching a cable clip with a swivel hook. I then can clip the cable to the shirt at the back of my neck. Viola! Problem solved.
4)Phone Battery drain. This one has absolutely nothing to do with this particular set of earbuds, but is a con to using bluetooth in general. When listening to music with these my phone battery usage increases by double or more. Add on top of that my phone battery sucks in general, and I pretty much have to keep my phone plugged in all day to keep my phone useable.

Overall, these earbuds work great and I am happy with them. They are a bit pricier than other competitors on the market, but they are pretty solid with a few annoyances. Best bluetooth earbuds I have owned yet.

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5Very Best Headphones So Far; Little Slipping with Running
By Tara Langdon
As a runner, I've definitely gone through my share of headphones, and I'm usually looking for the cheapest but best quality I can find since I seem to go through so many. There's a great lack in quality across the board for good-sounding headphones, Bluetooth or not, and options can vary on quality drastically from one person to the next. I compare all headphone sound quality with all EQ options turned off on my phone or any other device. Then you can EQ the headphones to your liking better, which some people may want to do with these.

I absolutely love these headphones so far. I actually loved them so much, that when I lost them at a race after only having them for a week or two, I nearly immediately bought them again! The charge lasts a long time, not sure exactly how long yet, but I will find out shortly. They get daily use especially since they are waterproof as I run and listen to music usually no less than an hour every day.

The sound quality is more geared to those who want more bass in their "buds" in my view. This is nice for a change! Nearly all my music is within the bass-centered genres from chill-step, to classical themes, to high-energy trance and house. These buds do very well with my music taste, though I do dabble with the EQ at times.

These are lighter, sleeker, and look much better than many of the other ones out there with a battery life such as it has. My previous pair had a long battery life, but looked like giant gaudy bulbs sticking out of my eardrums. These just look so much cooler ;-)

The fit can be tricky. They try to supply you with every earbud you could possibly need to try, and sometimes I use different ones for different ears. For these to sound their best, take the time to fit them optimally. The earstrap doesn't really do much. It's so flexible that I'm not sure it does much to keep the earbud in place, but you don't notice it's there at all since it's so light and soft. I almost wish it was a bit more useful or adjustable in some way for smaller ears. At times, while running, I'll find out one of them has slipped in front of my ear strangely. So having a smaller size or stiffer/more adjustable around-the-ear hook might help some with getting these to stay in place well.

I'm still trying to get the fit just right myself, because if I'm running hard, the earbuds often start to get loose after a mile or so, but I'll get it right. The cord is short and light weight on these which is fantastic, because some BT earbuds have really long cords that get in the way no matter what you do. The cord is light enough that it does not cause any pulling on the earbud, like some Bluetooth buds do.

Buttons are easy to use and plenty versatile. Pairing is super fast and easy. This is an amazing option in this price range, in my opinion, especially if you feel like you've never found earbuds with enough bass in them. I'm not sure how many Bluetooth headphones in the higher/expensive price range would compare, honestly, I think they'd be hard to beat. Recommend: Yes, even for activities such as running. Once you find the perfect fit, they are absolutely awesome!

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5They are far superior to the very expensive so called "top of the ...
By Mock2
This product is truly mind blowing. I own a very expensive pairs of Bluetooth earbuds that frankly, don't hold a candle to these. One of the other reviews mention a lot of bass.... in fact, the reviewer was borderline complaining about the level of bass. I thought, "Yeah right." None of the earbuds I've owned in the past ever had enough bass output. Then I found these. Wow!!! Double wow! They are far superior to the very expensive so called "top of the line" models. The funny part is the name of the product is Treblab XR500.... as in treble??? The best bass and over all sound delivery of any model I've tried (.... and I've tried two models that are 5 times more expensive).

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