Samsung EB-BG900BBU Galaxy S5 OEM Battery - Frustration-Free Packaging, Black

Samsung EB-BG900BBU Galaxy S5 OEM Battery - Frustration-Free Packaging, Black
From Samsung

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #71 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: EB-BG900BBU
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 3.35" h x .20" w x 1.69" l, .10 pounds


  • OEM replacement battery for your Samsung Galaxy s 5 handset
  • Comes with 1 year Samsung standard warranty
  • Lithium Ion for enhanced battery life
  • NFC enabled allowing your handset to communicate with other NFC enabled devices

This lithium ion battery is designed specifically for your Samsung Galaxy S 5 mobile phone to deliver the most reliable and long lasting power (2800 mAh). this battery is equipped with an NFC antenna, allowing your handset to communicate with other devices and Accessories equipped with NFC technology. OEM replacement battery for your Samsung Galaxy S 5 handset with 1 year Samsung warranty

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2A game of chance.
By rbw
I ordered two of these a week apart, both from Amazon, to replace a two-year old battery in my GS5. The first one (ASIN B0123MKO7G) is outstanding. My battery life went from about 10 hours to more than 24 hours. I ordered a second (ASIN B00U1DCX56), and it provides roughly the same battery life as the two-year old battery, in spite of having a date of 2016.6.12 next to Chinese characters at the bottom of the back label under the serial no. (the first replacement battery does not have this information on the label). I don't read Chinese, and so am not sure if this is the date of manufacture, the sell-by date or something else.

Both batteries were represented to be new, genuine OEM batteries. The first replacement battery has a white water damage sticker on top; the second does not. The first battery arrived in a small plastic box adorned with the Samsung logo; the second battery arrived in a plastic bag, closed with a rectangular sticker labelled Samsung and a string of numbers and letters. The first battery arrived in a small brown padded envelope inside a small cardboard box; the second was loose inside the cardboard box.

I specifically ordered from Amazon and not a Marketplace seller to increase the chance of the battery being a genuine, new Samsung replacement. I am comfortable the first battery was a fresh, OEM battery, but much less certain that the second one was.

My experience suggests that there's no way to be certain of what is being sold; that it is a game of chance as to whether the battery will perform as expected or not. Disappointed.

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5Get the Frustration-Free packaging version.
By Reece Sawyer
After reading some of the reviews on here I was nervous to pull the trigger. However I noticed one similarity throughout the reviews, the frustration free packaging version is sold by and shipped by Amazon whereas the other Standard Version is through a third party vendor. I chose to order the version shipped and sold from Amazon and have had zero issues whatsoever. The battery came in a Samsung branded plastic case and seems to work just as good as the original battery in my phone did when I first got it. Samsung has made the battery in the S5 very easy to change versus other phone such as the iPhone. After having my S5 for nearly fifteen months now I decided it was time for a little maintenance, so I went ahead and purchased a new charging port cover door as well as this battery from Amazon. My battery life has improved significantly and I'm able to get through an entire day of moderate to heavy usage without having to charge the phone again. I highly recommend anyone who has had where is 5 for over a year now go ahead and swap in a fresh battery. At $10 this is almost a no-brainer and I've been very pleased with the performance so far. Thank you Amazon for selling the legitimate Samsung battery and especially at such a cheap price.

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5except for the serial number obviously and looks like the cell was made and assembled in different locations
By mlph
My battery life has been going downhill for a while now, finally decided to replace. I purchased this one, a little wary due to some of the reviews, but went ahead anyway because I needed it. Battery arrives in a plastic case that says Samsung on it. Battery looks identical to the original, pics attached, except for the serial number obviously and looks like the cell was made and assembled in different locations.

Once I removed the original battery I did the spin test and it spun like crazy, so I was right in my assumption that it was going bad. The replacement battery does not spin. If you have no idea what I am talking about, search online for "battery spin test." I also peeled back the sticker to check the cell, and it looks correct and the cell itself it etched. I am satisfied this replacement is legit.

I put this new battery in my phone and it had 30% charge. I put it on the charger and in just over an hour I was up to 100%. After taking it off the charger, I am happy to report that the phone is not draining as fast as it was with my original battery in it. So, I would say this replacement is good. If I notice any issues or problems I will come back to update, but for now I am very pleased with this purchase.

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