Moto G Play (4th gen.) - Black - 16 GB - Unlocked - Prime Exclusive - with Lockscreen Offers & Ads

Moto G Play (4th gen.) - Black - 16 GB - Unlocked - Prime Exclusive - with Lockscreen Offers & Ads
From Motorola

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #18272 in Cell Phone Accessories
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Motorola
  • Model: XT1607
  • Released on: 2016-09-15
  • Dimensions: .35" h x 2.83" w x 5.69" l, .30 pounds


  • Fast 4G LTE speed, an up to 1.2 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, and a bright 5" HD (720p) display ensure videos and games run smoothly and look great
  • Enjoy the best of Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow, including Google Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail and more
  • Offers and ads, including personalized deals and recommendations, display on the phone's lockscreen
  • Shoot photos with an 8 MP camera in back and take selfies with a 5 MP camera in front.
  • Includes 16 GB of internal storage plus add up to 128 GB more with a microSD card
  • Includes a 2800 mAh battery, so you can go from morning to night without worrying about battery life
  • Unlocked and carrier-friendly, works with all major carrier networks domestically or abroad
  • Prime members get unlimited access to Prime movies and TV shows, Prime Music, Prime Photos storage, deals, and more with a pre-installed selection of Amazon apps

Introducing Moto G Play, the phone that gives you more of what you love. Enjoy the fast, reliable performance of a quad-core processor when you’re watching videos or playing games during a break. Count on a battery that lasts all day, so you don’t worry about running out of power. The best part? You only have to spend a little for a phone you’ll love a lot. Moto G Play. Entertainment for all.

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5G4 Play is a very easy to use phone! Detailed review with pictures.
By Daisy S
First of all, I am picky about phones, tablets...all electronics. Being a techie type, I researched many phones before I decided to purchase this G4 Play...And after using this phone every day, all day long, I have discovered that this was the best choice of a phone for me.
Well, I have written my review as if I were you reading reviews trying to decide to buy this phone or not...


+ MICRO SIM CARD -- While Nano Sims are gradually being the standard SIM size and are the size for newer phones, I still like this size.
Note to Nano SIM users: You can install a Nano SIM in this phone IF you carefully place it into an adapter or just go to your phone store and they can move your info from your Nano Card to a new Micro SIM card. Be sure you have a new Micro SIM with you in case they do not have one. Amazon sells Micro Sims.

+ Size, Weight, and Comfort of the Phone...This 5 inch screen, weight of the phone, comfort while holding this phone are some major reasons why I bought this phone. I had a huge 5.5 Samsung J7 (2015). It was too big for my small hands and very uncomfortable to hold. And because the G4 Play is a lighter weight phone and not bulky, I am love this!
This phone fits my hand perfectly and comfortable to hold.

+ Memory/Storage has 16GB Internal however after OS and factory apps 10.6 GB left. External card slot can handle up to 256GB.
There is no bloatware...pure Android experience...About twenty one essential factory Installed apps including Phone and Help. Most of the apps are Android / Google Apps. Only about six Motorola apps which includes the Camera, File Manager, FM Radio, Phone, Settings and Calc. Motorola allows Android and Google to supply just the Apps you need, however, later on you can install Apps you like as there is plenty of room left. Below is a list of Google / Android Apps pre-installed on this phone:

* Calendar (Google Calendar)
* Clock (Google Clock)
* Contacts (Google)
* Chrome Internet Browser
* FM Radio App (Moto installed this on this phone, no Internet needed...real FM Radio)
* Google App
* Google Maps
* Google Music
* Hangouts (Google)
* Messenger (Google Messenger for Texts and MMS (Picture or Video Messages).
* Photos (It is a Photo Gallery by Google).
* Play Movies/Play Music
* Playstore
* Settings (Android Settings)

Because I just installed Apps I wanted like Facebook, Twitter, PrinterShare and other large Apps, I still have 8.25 GB Internal Storage now left if I want to add more apps later on.

+ Memory & Storage Size & Speed ... The Internal Memory and RAM are adequate and I find the phone runs plenty fast and for me, no lagging, never freezes. A very peppy phone in my opinion.

+ Marshmallows 6.01 installed and promises to later update to Nougat 7 OS when available. This I am very happy about because my Samsung J7 M model has yet to update to Marshmallow it still has Lollipop. Other J7 models should get it but I am not sure J7 M model my old one ever will.

+ Camera...It is just 8MP however, I took inside and outside pictures and they came out very clear in my opinion. This is much to my happy surprise.

+ Screen Resolution/Special Screen Information - For me personally, I find the resolution (at 294 PPI - Pixels Per Inch) excellent as the colors in the screen are very bright and vivid and very clear! In fact, webpages and my Kindle Reading app are just stunning on this phone! *All of my pictures and videos are crystal clear with this phone.
***OUTSIDE VIEWING in Direct Sunlight with this screen... OK if I turn the screen slightly to the right because the Brightness NITS are about 400 Nits so this is good (adequate). Some more expensive phones have at least 500 Nits...some have close to 700 Nits of brightness. The higher the Brightness Nits the easier it is to see your screen in bright sunlight. * There is no way to increase the Nits on this phone but I could view it somewhat in direct sunlight.

+ WiFi and 4G (LTE) (Internet)Info:
WiFi Connects to any WiFi and the signal strength is excellent (even in the very back of my home and outside), most of the time I have 4 bars (outside is 3 bars).
LTE (Data) When not near a router or WiFi hotspot, then I use LTE (Data) for Internet. The LTE on this phone is LIGHTENING FAST when I use data.
* Note: At home, I use WiFi on my secured Router with a password. However, when I travel I use LTE Data on this phone as it is much more secure tha a Open WiFi Hot spot at say a cafe etc. This way, I know I feel more secure on the Internet.

+ OTG – This phone supports On the Go with the micro USB port so I can add a 256 GB flash drive with my office files, pictures etc and the phone easily reads these files.

+ Temperature of the battery and coolness of this phone - This phone and battery runs very cool with the Snapdragon 410 processor (the 600 & higher Snapdragon processors on other devices can run hot). With this phone's 410 cool processor the normal temp and most of the time it is running at 78 F degrees to 87 F degrees. When I download lots of apps or play games, it may get up to 90 degrees for a couple of minutes but goes right down to normal temps. I have run many programs on this phone and it DOES NOT OVERHEAT. I have read that some newer smart phones will sometimes get up as high as 112 degrees, this one for me has not done this.
It is important to keep a phone running cooler as it will prolong the life of the phone and it is easier on the battery as well.

+ Phone call Clarity/Loudness etc. - Loud enough speaker and sound is very clear, best phone I used..No matter what my location using this phone for phone calls the clarity of calls is loud and clear whether on the phone's speaker, headset or speaker.
The front speaker on this phone is plenty loud...better than my Samsung J7 was!

+ BATTERY LIFE: This phone has given me the very good battery life. And I use 100% brightness. For me, even at 100 brightness, if I use WiFi or Data just when I need it and then turn it off, I get close to all day into the night on one single charge! (I charge nightly and the phone is at 100% ready to go the next morning). Also to save battery, I turn off WiFi or Data and tap the ON OFF button (put to sleep). This way, I use my phone into the night on a single charge.

+ EXTERNAL SLOT FOR MICRO SD CARD (UP TO 256GB SD CARD) - This helped to sell me on this phone as I can add my personal music, photos, videos and more to this phone! (I placed a 64GB SD Card in this phone and I still have room left).
*Keep in mind where External SD cards are concerned: Many apps can be moved to External SD card. Not all. See this article:

By default, the apps go to your Internal storage.
Actually the External SD card is meant for your personal files: music, videos, photos, and other files. When you install apps from Playstore, they install in your phone internal storage. Personally, I do not have gaming apps or tons of apps so my apps are still in Internal Storage and I have plenty of space left for more apps later if needed.

+ G4 Play Prints pictures and documents! I print pictures, PDF documents, Documents and more right from this phone! I have an HP Envy 4500 Wireless Printer...then I installed PrinterShare from the Playstore...I paid 10 dollars for the Premium version as the free one did not work as well. If you need more info regarding the Printing on Moto G4 Play, please ask me in comment section.

+ Music Player..The installed player is Google Play Player, however, I did not like it as it used too much battery/memory so I went to Playstore and installed the free Rocket Player...this uses very little battery and memory and has lots of themes, easy to make Playlist, etc.

+ MS Office...I installed free from Playstore WJS OFFICE as I need use this 100 percent compatible MS Office compatible on the road. Works great for me. I highly recommend this free Office app.

+ Reading/Creating/Editing Word, Excel, Text Files and much more on this phone: I downloaded a FREE APP called WPS Office (free) which I use for Office files (it reads, edits and creates Office files). And it also reads PDF eBooks so there is no need to download a separate PDF Reader app. *This is a MUST have if you have to read PDF or Word Docs etc, my docs are crisp and clear using this app.

+ Bluetooth Speed and Performance - The Bluetooth paired quickly with several devices and copied files at a great rate of speed.

+ Watching Videos online...I use an app called Internet free from Playstore and also Chrome and I watch online videos by pressing the big white arrow in center of video. I have watched all the videos I wanted on several browsers just fine.
For Amazon videos there is an Amazon Video app that I discovered that I use on my Android tablet to watch my Amazon videos.


- Just a couple of minor Cons I found...The phone I received did not come with a problem as I already have a headset that works on this phone. (I prefer a Bluetooth headset because the sound quality us so much better). Amazon offers many plug in or Bluetooth headsets ar low prices.
Also, the charger that came with the phone is a slower charger, however, I have a 2 amp charger that I use and it charges this phone quickly.

Bottom line: Would I buy this phone all over again? Yes in a heartbeat as the size is perfect for me. And for the money, I believe this is the best deal out there dollar for dollar. Will this phone be a good choice for you? Yes, for two reasons.:
1) Yes if you want a very easy to use phone.
2) Yes if you have small hands and small fingers as the keyboard is small.
If you have large hands and large fingers, this phone may be too small for you should then consider a 5.5 inch or higher screen phone.
***This phone I recommend to a person wants a smaller, comfortable to hold phone and also a very easy to use phone. ** Personally, I love this phone because it is fits my hands perfectly, easy to use, fun to use and it is a beautiful phone!

Thank you for reading this review. I tested the phone thoroughly before I wrote this review. If you have questions about this phone please ask me in the comment section as I am a techie type and will answer right away.

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4This is an awesome budget phone
By J. C.
This is an awesome budget phone, I purchased this for my wife as her smartphone needs are relatively basic, after receiving the unit, I am seriously considering replacing my existing Note 4 with one of these units. You may think this sounds crazy, but this is not, here are my reasons:

1. This is a great sized phone at a very reasonable price. Aside from a few products from a couple cut rate far east vendors, this is one of the best phone at the price range and it offers a 5 inch screen. Moto has an good reputation as an RF design company. Although the screen resolution is only at 720x1280 (HD), you're really fooling yourself if you think in reality this makes any real difference in day to day use. OK, if you're doing photoshop retouching, a 1080P FHD screen or higher may be required, but even compared to my 1440x2560 screen at 5.7 inches on my Samsung Note 4, there is no real visual differences if you read the screen at any reasonable distance (10-12 inches?). This is after all a 5 inch screen, which comes to the key point of choosing a Moto G4 play: it's relatively small with a 5 inch HD screen. This means even with a rugged case around it (which I bought along with the phone), it fits into a pocket or a purse very nicely without giving you the nightmarish cramped touch screen keyboard issue. Web pages, photos and videos shows up nice without any issue of pixelation, touch screen is responsive and touch typing is good as well. All that without having to deal with the size of a pocket busting phablet, which incidentally is the most urgent reason I'd want to replace the Note 4 with this, it's really not so crazy. I am so tired of taking the Note 4 out of my pant pockets when I drive because it's often just too uncomfortable to leave it in the pocket.

2. Great battery life, Moto matched a Qualcomm 410 perfectly with a HD screen at 5 inches, which gives over 13 hours of video playback time, and real life battery life has been excellent, my wife has seen 3 days of average use with phone calls, emails, text messaging and GPS navigation peppered throughout the days. That is excellent, especially compared to the short life she was getting on her nexus 5 under the same use pattern (less than a day of actual normal use).

3. Reasonable processor performance from a 64 bit Qualcomm 410 chip, it's not going to win any speed contests, but all the real life applications have been handled without issue. Sure it only has 2 GB of RAM compared to 4GB on some of the flagship phones, and this may not be a gamer's best choice, but for anyone who uses their smartphone as a smartphone not a replacement for arcade gaming device, the low power chip gives plenty performance and the HUGE bonus of the battery life (see point 2!! :0) )

4. Replaceable battery AND SD card support, this unit has a REPLACEABLE battery, which in my mind clearly indicates this is a more consumer friendly unit aim to offer value and bang for the buck. I don't really need to reiterate the virtues of a replaceable battery design (espeically given the Note 7 fiasco these days). Throw in up to 128 GB of SD card, you're set to shoot photos, video and store your audio book and music to your heart's content. Picture taking and video shooting onto a fast 64GB SD card has seen no-delay or issue, my wife is a lot happier she is no longer limited by Nexus's internal memory size.

5. Great RF performance and GPS lock speed. But this is designed by Moto, so this pretty much goes without saying, although it's always good to know the phone work as a phone and a GPS unit really well. LTE data speed is great, and it support band 12 and VOLTE, which gives us great range and data speed on Tmobile even when you're on the phone over voice (imagine that a smartphone that's still good at voice phone calls).

The play has a single front end speaker, it is quite loud, but nothing impressive, the voice quality has nothing to complain about. It actually, GASP, has a 3.5 head phone jack if you care about audio quality! Bonus! :-)

Some may say the phone is rather bland in style, to me, it's not an issue, I am a bit tired with crazy attempts on style differentiation, some times, the Toyota Camry is the right choice. There are plenty case choices for color and adding some style edge to the phone if you choose to do so, honestly, everyone puts their phone in a case anyway, I think the case drives the look more than the phone itself these days.

Some little cons just to be fair: this phone has no magnetometer or high precision gyro-sensor, and no finger print sensor. Also, more importantly it has no NFC which prevents the use of Android Pay. For me and my wife, that's a plus, we consistently turn off the NFC on our phones, have no intention to use touch to pay of any kind any time soon, why pay for a part that is never to be used? Lack of mag and gyro means Google map will not rotate based on the orientation of the phone (navigation works fine because it's GPS based), but you will not miss it and it prevents those weird cases where your mag tells the map you're facing a completely different direction than you're actually heading when you are stopped at a traffic light during driving because it's time for a mag sensor re-calibration (which happens in all phones with mag sensors). It probably annoys our son a bit, since his Pokemon Go's AR feature does not work properly w/o magnetometer, but hey that's his problem. Besides, even Pokemon Go works fine with AR turned off, so no real losses there (much to my wife's dismay probably). Also since the phone has no magnetometer, it does not need to be recalibrated, so leaving this right next to a magnetic source (which happens more often than you'd think, such as leaving it on top of your tablet's magnetic cover) would not require you to go through the 3-axis recalibration process required to make the the digital compass work properly again. But keep these issues in mind if you're a heavy user of finger print sensor, digital compass or NFC. Also the wifi chip is single band at 2.4Ghz support only 802.11N speed with single stream, but that's not really an issue for us since we have dual band wifi at home and almost any wifi site would have at least the 2.4GHz band. This phone can only connect at up to 150 mbps on wifi as a result. So if you have google fiber at home, and want the fastest possible download speed, you will be "limited" to the 150mbps with this phone.

For my wife's and my use, the Moto G(4th gen) Play is an excellent choice, it looks nice (in my opinion), works well in all the no-non-sense ways, and comes in a perfect balance between screen real estate and pocketability with a great price to boot. The only real improvement could be a 1080p screen, but if that means less battery life, then this phone is actually better off as is.

Oh yeah, ditch the charger, the one I got gives 5 volts at 550mA only, I gave my wife a 5 volt 2 amp charger, should help in charging time tremendously. The first charge was the OEM charger, took a few hours...

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5The $99 Verizon Rebellion/Revolution
By C. Price
For $99, you can now get a non-VZW device, that Verizon can't block you from using. I love it. This is the first quad-carrier, CDMA/GSM and LTE phone that is under $100. With a pretty-pure Qualcomm setup, and unlockable bootloader ($149 without ads version only), you can keep this phone going long after Motorola stops updating it. For someone on a budget, this could keep you going until 5G.

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