MPC Complete Add On Remote Car Start Kit for Select Honda and Acura Key-Start Vehicles [1998-2015] Uses Your OEM Remotes

MPC Complete Add On Remote Car Start Kit for Select Honda and Acura Key-Start Vehicles [1998-2015] Uses Your OEM Remotes

Price: $119.95


  • Brand: MPC
  • Manufacturer: MPC
  • Weight: 200


  • Complete remote starter kit for COMPATIBLE VEHICLES - **HONDA** Accord [1998-2012], Accord Hybrid [2005-2007], Civic [2001-2013], CRV [1998-2013], CRZ [2011-2013], Element [2003-2010], Fit [2006-2013], Insight [2010-2013], Odyssey [1998-2013], Pilot [2003-2013], Ridgeline [2006-2013], **ACURA** CL [1998-1999]& [2001-2003], CSX [2006-2009], EL [1998-1999]& [2001-2003], Integra [2000-2001], MDX [2001-2006], RDX [2007-2010], RSX [2002-2006], TL [1998-2012], TSX [2004-2013]. (Automatic
  • Start your engine by pressing the lock button 3 times in a row on your factory remotes (this kit does not include remotes). Warm or cool your car from the distance that your OEM remotes provide, no need to add new remotes to your key chain. Programmable 2, 3, or 4 hourly auto-start mode options. Programmable 5, 10, 20, or 30 minute run time options. Smartphone module ready (module not included). Complete kit includes bypass module and all parts required for installation.
  • COMPATIBLE VEHICLES: HONDA Accord 1998-2012, Accord Hybrid 2005-2007, Civic 2001-2013, CRV 1998-2013, CRZ 2011-2013, Element 2003-2010, Fit 2006-2013, Insight 2010-2013, Odyssey 1998-2013, Pilot 2003-2013, Ridgeline 2006-2013, **ACURA** CL 1998-1999 & 2001-2003, CSX 2006-2009, EL 1998-1999 & 2001-2003, Integra 2000-2001, MDX 2001-2006, RDX 2007-2010, RSX 2002-2006, TL 1998-2012, TSX 2004-2013. You will need to use your key to unlock the car while it is running.
  • DIY BASIC INSTALLATION KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENT - The installation of this product will require multiple wiring connections. It is not plug and play. We provide concise directions with wire colors and locations. A person with a basic knowledge of wiring car electronics should be able to install this product successfully. Not recommended for novice installers.
  • MPC TECHNICAL SUPPORT - A link will be provided to download MPC's exclusive copyrighted step-by-step installation tip sheet made by MPC's professional technicians to help you through the installation process. In addition, your purchase includes technical support. Support tickets can be submitted 24/7 and are answered in the order received, Monday through Friday between 9am to 5pm Arizona time.


One important note about using 'add-on' remote starts in Hondas: The factory remote controls in your Honda do not work when the car is running - that's the way Honda engineered the car. This means that if you're using a remote start that works from your OEM remotes, you'll be able to start the car just fine, but you will NOT be able to unlock the doors with the factory remote control. The only work-around is to use a remote start that comes with its' own remotes. Since aftermarket remotes do not rely on the factory keyless receiver, they will work when the car is running. We have 1-button and 4-button remote systems for Hondas. For key-start vehicles only.