Magnetic Mount, WizGear [2 PACK] Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder, for Cell Phones and Mini Tablets with Fast Swift-Snap Technology, - With 4 Metal Plates

Magnetic Mount, WizGear [2 PACK] Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder, for Cell Phones and Mini Tablets with Fast Swift-Snap Technology, - With 4 Metal Plates
From WizGear

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #1 in Automotive
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: WizGear
  • Model: magnetic mount
  • Dimensions: 1.50" h x 3.30" w x 4.10" l, .24 pounds


  • 2 PACK MOUNT EASY YOU USE: This Air vent universal smartphone magnetic car mount holder is 10 times easier to use than any other magnetic car mount holder due to its simple and complementary design. It has a sturdy rubber base and a powerful magnetic head for holding smartphones. Car Mount iPhone 6, Car mount iphone 6 plus, Car mount holder
  • STURDY BASE: The high quality rubber construction of the base of the mount is unique and very functional as well. It guarantees that the base of the mount will solidly hold the magnetic head of the mount, to help keep your smartphone in place, regardless of road vibrations or impacts.
  • SWIVELS YOUR DISPLAY: Rotate your smartphone and swivel your display as you please. The base of the mount remains fixed into the air vent of your car and does not move, no matter how much swiveling or rotation you do. This guarantees that your smartphone will always remain in your preferred position
  • COMPLEMENTARY DESIGN: The complementary design of the magnetic mount is one that fits into the back of any smartphone. The magnetic mount is has a smooth surface that is perfectly suitable for mounting and holding any smartphone in place.
  • POWERFUL MAGNETIC MOUNT: The reinforced magnetic holder of this mount is what sets it apart from other mounts. This Universal magnetic holder produces an intensive force of attraction that will hold any smartphone. Including Android, Apple iPhones, Blackberry and Microsoft devices.

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder Black

Setting your phone on a mount in your car has never been easier! WizGear Air Vent Car Mount for smartphones saves you the hassle of placing your smartphone securely to make sure it doesn't fall just push it in the air vent! The WizGear Air Vent Mount features a magnetic technology, which means your smartphone will be secure and have no chance of falling. When a phone is secure in place, it becomes easier to use for GPS navigation too.

1) This magnetic car mount for cell phones is not bulky or space consuming at all. You no longer have to suffice for keeping your phone in the cup holder or dashboard, because a normal car mount gets in the way. This magnetic car mount inserts into the Air Vent, thereby not blocking your windshield.

2) Navigation is extremely easy with this magnetic car mount. It can easily rotate, fix, or tilt to any angle that best assists the viewer of the phone.

3)The magnetic technology is safe to use, and will not harm any smartphone. The carbon steel plates inside the magnetic car mount are ultra thin and designed in a way that it provides powerful holding power as well as absorbing magnetic instability. Along with being safe, it is also powerful, it attracts any phone to it quickly - this is the auto-mount feature. The user can just bring the phone near the mount and it will take it easily, so the user no longer has to fuss about with safekeeping their phone

Instructions how to set up the Mount
1)Insert the mount in the Air Vent Mount in your car.
2)Place the magnet metal plate in your case between the cover and the phone, Or stick on the round magnet metal on your phone or GPS
3) And your phone is go to go !

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5Very strong magnet. Basically, they give you a ...
By Instapoke
Very strong magnet. Basically, they give you a metal sheet that you put in your phone case that you use to magnet-stick it to this mount on your car.
The metal sheet is thin and soft, so it won't scratch your phone or add bulk. There is even adhesive if you don't have a case.

Tip: If already using a case, don't remove the adhesive sticker, so if you switch cases next time, you can still reuse it!

I aim to write concise, but detailed reviews that cover the usability and design of a product, also offering productivity tips. If you think my review is helpful, please rate it as "helpful". This helps me keep going! :)

76 of 81 people found the following review helpful.
By Batman0903
This is the answer to the problem you didn't think was a problem. I originally bought the one piece but my girlfriend liked it so wanted one for her too. I grabbed this two piece set to give one to my girlfriend and the other to my mom. The magnet on this is super powerful. I use the HTC M9 with a Spigon neo-hybrid case. My phone has the rubber/gel casing and the plastic edging. I stuck two magnet plates between the phone and the case and it holds my phone super strong. For my girlfriend's iPhone 6s I stuck just one of the included metal plates between her case and her phone. Her case is already magnetized because it's one of those that attaches to a wallet but using one of the included plates makes the magnet hold notocibly stronger. I use mine in my 2003 Corvette. My car has a very stiff sport transmission which means I feel every little pebble on the road. Imagine what it feels like driving through the pot-hole filled streets of South Los Angeles... This magnet holds my phone steady with no problems. And my phone is kinda heavy because of the all aluminum body.

Make sure when you attach the phone that it's as centered as possible or else it will sloops down towards the left or right side until you center it but that's not even a big deal. Also, be sure to use the openings on the magnet piece that are closer together to attach to your air vents otherwise it will simply not hold and slide off easily. When you stick the piece on the air vent it should be very firm. I've used it to hold my phone vertical and horizontal with no problems. My girlfriend uses hers in her 2013 Nissan Sentra with no issues either. You can even mildly control how much your phone is tilted towards you by adjusting the magnet piece that attaches to the air vent. Where has this product been my whole life?!

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4Perfect for anyone!
By Jes Flores
I am in LOVE.
Four stars because there are some weird complications with this and the instructions are pretty confusing.

Here are the instructions!
It comes with 2 round slim magnets (not the mounts)
And 2 rectlangle magnets. It also comes with clear stickers that fit to each slim magnet. (x4)

Before working with the magnets on how to get them onto your phone consider the placement: put the vent clip on your cars vent and hold your phone to it. We didn't do this so our magnets are placed a bit higher than we prefer! So I reccomend giving this a try first for best results!

Magnet instructions: For us, we couldn't pull the stickers off. That's one reason for the 4 stars! But we chose the round magnets to stick to our phones, the were smaller and less noticeable. Option A (the one we did) stick the slim magnet of your choice directly to the back of your phone, props if you can peel the stickers from the paper. These obviously go on the back of your phone. It protects your phone from the super stickey magnet! This will risk the magnet eventually coming off when you pull it from the mount. But that will be a while before that even starts to be an issue.

Option B: To avoid the risk of the magnet coming apart from your phone, your best best is to use a phone case! This way the mount and magnet don't come directly into contact.

Reasons to love it!
It's a super strong magnet and the price is right! You get one for each car! My vents are black so it blendswell, you hardly notice them when your phone isn't on it! We have a JEEP so our vents spin. This allows our phones to be perfectly adjusted to our prefference. It may be harder to attach it to a regular straight vent! But I doubt it. I will update when I attach it to my Ford Fusion (in the shop) as soon as I get it back! The mount is also so strong it holds onto the magnet no matter where it's placed! So if you wnt to slide your phone to one side or a little up and the magnet isn't fully on the mount it still holds impressivly well. We bought these for $9 instead of installing a fancy radio and slow gps for $900+ I think it's worth it! Just use your favorite music app and phone's gps. I bought it for my husband because he is constantly on the phone for work and this way he can easily answer his phone and put it in speaker but keep it away from his hands or from falling off his lap. Gives me some peace of mind!

I live in FL so A/C is important. Unfortunately the mount (when the phone is attached) blocks the vent. But an easy fix is cool your car down first before attaching it! It only goes on one vent so it's not a big deal but it may be if your car has no vents for the back seats and you have children (like us!) If you like to use your phome in landscape mode the weight might be awkwardly distributed and will cause the vent to "fall" downward. This is fixed by adjusting it and playing with it a bit.

This, aside from some weird confusing and almost none existant instructions, are the only cons! Please make the adhesive stickers easier to peel off and print a clear instruction sheet!

We easily got over it :) now we use them everyday!

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