BOG-POD SSC, Super Steady Tripod Kit

BOG-POD SSC, Super Steady Tripod Kit


  • Brand: Bog-Pod
  • Manufacturer: BOG-POD
  • Model: 735550
  • Weight: 220


  • INCLUDES: RLD-3, XSR and USR, three of our most popular items
  • RLD-3 tripod has insulated, non-slip red hand grips, Xtreme Shooting Rest provides an extra steady rest for firearms, and the Universal Shooting Rest is rubber-covered and won't damage firearm stocks
  • Easily switch between accessories in the field using the Switcheroo platform. Attached Velcro straps on XSR hold firearm securely in place
  • Weather-resistant carry bag with Allen wrench for adjustments
  • Can be used in sitting, kneeling or standing positions with legs extending from 22" to 68"


SSC includes two shooting rests and one tripod