Aketek Gripster Octopus Flexible Compact Camera Tripod

Aketek Gripster Octopus Flexible Compact Camera Tripod

Price: $7.94


  • Brand: Aketek
  • Manufacturer: Aketek
  • Model: Aketek-P411
  • Weight: 11


  • This gripster camera tripod can be used on many dedium and small camera
  • Three legs can be arbitrarily distorted,Easy to climb on any item
  • Each leg is made up of a number of slightly flattened oval spheres
  • All nine joints are capable of 360 degrees of rotation
  • Special lock button, make sure the camera is firmly mounted on tripod


The plug-in platform is simple and convenient to connect your camera.
Movable connector, 360 degrees of freedom bending or rotation, can reach the best shape of the force.
Fastening ring and foot seat, providing a powerful grip on any surface.
Adapter: Universal 1/4" tripod screw.



Note:The item is used for your camera, not your cell-phone,so there is not a phone clip.If you want to buy a plug-in platform for your phone,please look for the other items in our shop.