Phone Tripod, SIX-QU 8.3in Adjustable and Flexible Phone Stand Holder with Wireless Remote Shutter and Universal Clip Compatible with iPhone, Android Phone, Camera and Gopro

Phone Tripod, SIX-QU 8.3in Adjustable and Flexible Phone Stand Holder with Wireless Remote Shutter and Universal Clip Compatible with iPhone, Android Phone, Camera and Gopro

Price: $12.99


  • Brand: six-qu
  • Color: black
  • Manufacturer: six-qu
  • Model: tripodlarge
  • Weight: 13


  • 【Upgrade Version】-The Lastest Six-Qu phone tripod Pro with new material,It is upgraded in both material and structure for TOP-GRADE's more sturdy and stable when taking pictures or videos.The thicker legs are more flexible when you fold or straighten them. With metal material in the junction compared the plastic, never worry about the quality.
  • 【Enhanced Flexible Legs】 - Flexible Tripod With high density foam and premium plastic, the iPhone tripod allows your smart phone to be mounted on a flat desktop or uneven surface, making it the best option for recording wonderful moments. Design of OCTOPUS legs can be twisted into any shape, wrap it on tree, bike, lamp, chair .
  • 【Excellent Quality & Premium Safety】 - A high grade metal ball joint supports phone/camera up to 1kg, it locks the heaviest smartphone into position securely. And Non-slip feet design keeps this adjustable tripod steady on virtual ground surface.
  • 【More Durable】-Flexible legs are made of thicker premium metal & full metal connector, reinforced with coating rubber and compact foam. It is rigged to the greateast degree to handle the wear and tear of everyday explorations, or the rigor of adventure.
  • 【Lifetime Warranty】Please Contact us if do not satisfy your order, we will replace or a full refund for you.


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