2019 Upgraded Rechargeable Battery-Powered Camera Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 720p HD Wire-Free 2-Way Audio Night Vision Alarm Alert & PIR Motion Sensor w/Built-in SD Slot

2019 Upgraded Rechargeable Battery-Powered Camera Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 720p HD Wire-Free 2-Way Audio Night Vision Alarm Alert & PIR Motion Sensor w/Built-in SD Slot

Price: $89.99


  • Brand: Farsler
  • Manufacturer: Farsler
  • Model: A3


  • ✅ NEWEST TRUE DETECT PIR HEAT/MOTION SENSOR FOR CRYSTAL CLEAR HD 720P VIDEO AND WIDE ANGLE VIEW: Configurable picture ensures a sharp high quality image to optimize gadgets for smooth play back. Adjust the wireless spy camera digital zoom indoors/outdoors. Connecting support iPhone Android.
  • ✅ THE EASIEST WiFi SETUP AND USER MANUAL: Professionally developed user manual and no-hassle managed server technology. One login grants you wi fi access at home or while on the go to all your homes security cameras. Cell phone activated remote operated secret hidden cloud cams connect quick movement alerts.
  • ✅ NEW 2.4G CHIP FOR RELIABLE WiFi CONNECTION: Quick WiFi setup via mobile App on iPhone or Android smartphone. Wireless security camera supports remote access via mobile App anywhere and anytime. This security camera with Micro SD card slot (max 128GB supported), the videos can be saved and playbacked automatically on it. Even if you don't detect it, you need to insert the SD card, otherwise you can only save the picture automatically, you can view it in the history of the app.
  • ✅ CLEAR 2-WAY AUDIO ,NIGHT VISION AND EXCELLENT WATERPROOF : Mount to wall, ceiling or Exterior wall.100% waterproof material to monitor everything that is happening outside。 IR LED night vision up to 20 feet.So you can keep in touch with your baby when you miss him and want to talk to him. This home security camera gives you fantastic night experience even in pitch dark and full protection to see.
  • ✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE & SECURE PRIVACY: Our team of specialists 24/7 ready to help you! Remote monitoring technology based on servers with https communications protocol. Ensure information between user and site/servers cannot be read or forged by any third party. You have the direct connection with the wifi camera, the ip camera's video wont be saved on any servers or forwarded by manufacturer.


★Before Buying Be Noted:
1. This wifi camera only supports 2.4Ghz,not supports 5Ghz router.
2. The Camera is not including the micro SD but you can preview the video on phone.If you want to record and playback the video,you need to install the micro SD card (Max up to 128GB).
3.If you want to share your camera to families or friends,Just Add the account that they registered in this APP.
4.If you don't want to connect with the camera, pls don't forget to Unlink it in order to let others conveniently can connect with it.
5.The brightness of light at night and angle view range of camera will affect night vision effect.

1.Professional design and great sense of science and technology;
2.Adoption of the latest low-power solution WIFI IP camera;
3.Polymer Lithium-ion battery,the super Low power standby,and mobile phone APP with battery indicator;
4.ICR dual-filter switch,automatically turn color to black at night;
5.Built-in customized high-power WIFI module to receive WIFI signal stability;
6.PIR Function.Please open the APP and Setting PIR Alarm.When someone stays in the monitoring areas, PIR will online and push the alarm to your phone.
7.High performance DSP code,the host can rapidly respond to complex situations;
8.Recording and videos replay,TF card memory up to 128Gb.The longest videos recording up to about 168 hours continuous recording, old videos will be covered by new data when it's full;
9.Complete Wire-free and Easy Installation.There will be a battery warning information shown on the App after a long time use,so you need to charge devices in a timely manner.
10.Allows you to install camera anywhere and get the perfect angle to watch over your home. (Need to be able to receive WIFI signals)

Package Include:
An IP Camera
A User Manual
A USB cable
A bag of screws
A camera standard bracket