Sony a9 Full Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera (Body Only) (ILCE9/B)

Sony a9 Full Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera (Body Only) (ILCE9/B)
From Sony

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #1778 in Camera & Photo
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: ILCE9/B
  • Released on: 2017-05-25
  • Dimensions: 2.50" h x 3.80" w x 5.00" l, .0 pounds
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Display size: 3


  • World's first Full-frame stacked CMOS sensor w/ integrated memory
  • World's first blackout-free continuous shooting up to 20 fps
  • Silent, vibration-free, anti-distortion shutter up to 1/32,000 sec.
  • 693 Phase Detection AF points over 93% frame coverage
  • Cont. view blackout free OLED Tru-Finder w/ 100% frame coverage

In one game-changing leap the revolutionary image sensor and high-speed processing of the α9 reaches performance levels far beyond the incremental improvements gained through decades of mechanical refinement. There is no viewfinder blackout. Continuous shooting speeds exceed those possible with mechanical shutters. Higher shutter speeds are available, and all without noise or vibration. The ability to keep an eye on moving subjects at all times leads to faultless AF and AE tracking, and the photographer’s view is consistently up-to-date with an absolute minimum of lag. In short, the digital promise has been realized at last.

Camera Includes :
Power cord
Rechargeable Battery NP-FZ100
Battery Charger BC-QZ1
Cable Protector
AC Adapter
Shoulder strap
Body cap
Shoe cap
Eyepiece cup
Micro USB cable
Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

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5Goodbye Nikon D5
By Pauly
Being a pro sports photographer I've always shot with Nikon Pro cameras. Many of the events I shoot I have to run 10 to 20 miles just to get to the remote locations. My Nikon D5 has been a beast but it's definitely heavy and takes its toll on my back after using the Sony A9 and pushing the camera hard it has been absolutely Flawless and it actually focuses​ better in extremely low light conditions than my Nikon D5. I just put my Nikon up for sale and will be going with the Sony A9 and the Sony A99 II until they come out with a high-resolution Sports camera. I have already drenched the camera twice and I have had no issues with water getting inside the camera. I've had no overheating issues even shooting in 75deg temps with the camera on for over 9hrs 2200 photos. The other thing that I'm loving about the camera is I can frame I shot much better with all the focusing points from edge to edge.

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5Don't Overlook for Weddings and Events (Canon shooter's take on the a9)
By Jared Jarvis Photography
I'm a professional photographer who has used Canon my whole career. I had been eyeing Sony for awhile due to my intrigue on their technology, and the fact that a few of my friends and colleagues had started shooting with their products, and raved about them. Up until the a9 though, Sony just didn't offer the "complete package" of what I needed. This review is biased to me and my needs, but hopefully you can find it helpful anyway. BTW, this is my first Sony camera, so pardon me if I bring up things that have already been introduced in previous Sony models.

Why I bought the a9:
- Autofocus. This camera focuses extremely well. The face recognition, eye focus, and 93% sensor coverage are game changers. I like to shoot in both portrait and landscape mode, but switching on my Canon required a quick scramble to change focus points to make sure the client's face was in focus. That's now a thing of the past.
- Ergonomics. One of the big knocks against Sony is their bodies are small and cramped on your hands. This may be true to some extent, but with the a9 this is practically a problem of the past. Sony released their GP-X1EM Grip Extension for those with larger hands (like myself). If you don't have a battery grip, or don't feel like working with the extra size and weight, the GP-X1EM is perfect. Just a side note, the a9 is pretty comfortable in the hand even without the grip, but I prefer it.
- Flip out screen. I have been wanting a flip out screen on a professional Canon camera for years, but Canon just doesn't get the memo sometimes. A flip out screen is paramount for getting creative bride and groom shots, shooting up high on the dance floor, and just generally getting more creative shots than you otherwise could get.
- Battery life. This was the biggest issue with Sony mirrorless cameras in the past. Rest assured it has been fixed with the a9. Sure, you won't get 1DX type run times out of your battery, but you can easily shoot for hours on a single charge.
- Low light. Light light autofocus works well. Eye focus still works even in very dim situations. ISO performance is quite well. Shooting even up around 10-12,000ISO the noise is usable (in my opinion of course). Dynamic Range in shadowed areas is not quite as good as the A7RII, but still better than a lot of the competition.
- User friendly. The menus have been improved, and almost everything feels "right" when you get it out of the box. Most settings can be changed on the fly without even having to take your eye away from the viewfinder. You will not find a quicker camera to change settings on in my opinion.
- Electronic View Finder. This is a pro for me, but may be a con for you. Not everyone likes EVFs, but it took me no time to get used to it, and I love it now. Knowing what your image will look like before you take it is a dream come true. Not to mention they updated the EVF on this camera to make it even better than the a7RII.
- Top control dials. Sony added an extra double control dial on the top left of the camera that allows you to change things like burst mode and single to continuous autofocus. This may not sound like a big deal but it makes changing settings WAY FASTER
- Silent Shooting. Completely silent shooting with basically no distortion or banding. Perfect for a wedding and event photographer. No more "CLICK CLICK CLICK" constantly of the shutter.
- No black out viewfinder. You always see exactly what your subject is doing. As long as you're in electronic shutter mode.
-Dual card slots. Not having dual card slots was a deal breaker on previous Sony models, so I'm very happy Sony included that.
- Small form factor. This is not that big of a deal to me, but having a smaller, lighter camera that I can use is nice. I feel much more likely to take this around in my day to day life and use it. I don't take my 5D Mark III around because it's big, heavy, and I feel either like a tourist or everyone is staring at me. The professional lenses are just as big as common DSLR lenses, but they also offer great small lenses that you can use as well (Sony / Zeiss 35mm f2.8, Sony 28mm f2, etc)
-Touch to focus display. I never thought I needed a touch screen on a camera. Now that I have one I can't go back. Touching wherever I want to focus is just so easy.
- Customization. Practically any button on this camera can be customized to what you want. Even the focus lock button on Sony lenses can be customized. Right out of the box I think it was set up pretty well, but I did enjoy that I could map the back wheel to aperture like it is on my Canon.
- Joystick. This is a feature I was waiting for on Sony, and I know I'm not the only one.
- Adaptable lenses. With a metabones, Sigma, or other adapters you can use your Canon, Nikon, Sony A-Mount, or other brand lenses on the a9 with autofocus. This is not a feature I use, but I know many people who love it.

Other little nice things that don't need expanding on: wifi, NFC, Charging at the camera, Slow motion video on the top dial. I'm sure there are more things I'm forgetting.

This camera has been met with limited (but loud) criticism from certain people on the interwebs, so I would like to address some of the common complaints here:
-Overheating. This has been blown WAY out of proportion in my opinion. I have not heard any reports of cameras shutting down due to overheating. There have been some a9 cameras (mine included) that when left dormant in hot direct sunlight (85 degrees or above usually) they do show a heat warning symbol after about 20-30 minutes. I would like to assure you that this has only ever happened when I left the camera out in the sun without using it for an extended period of time, and that the camera has continued to function fine for extended periods of time (no shutdown due to heat) after the warning popped up. I have never seen the warning when I am walking around shooting images, but only when it's left in the sun to "bake". The camera cools extremely quickly when taken out of the direct sunlight. I have even talked to Sony support about this and they are working on a fix. I will update the review when I know more.
- Banding. Let's be clear. Every electronic shutter will have banding. But the a9 has gone a long way to negate banding in most situations. On some LED lights, banding can still be seen, but I've not yet seen a light that created banding on my a9 that did not also create banding on my Canon 5D Mark III, which has a mechanical shutter only. Basically what I'm saying is banding is very rare, and if you see banding with the a9, you most likely will see banding on those same lights with any full frame camera.

In closing:
The Sony a9 is truly an amazing camera, and if you have the money I would highly recommend you get one. It's got great image quality, almost unreal autofocus, and has fixed many of the issues Sony cameras have had in the past. However, it is not for everyone. If you are shooting landscapes or other things that need a ton of high detail, I would recommend the Sony a7RII or the Canon 5DS-R. They will be much slower and not have as many features as the a9, but they will have the resolution you need for that type of work. If you can't afford the a9, but want a Sony camera, I would suggest looking into the Sony a99II. It's an A-Mount camera with a slightly larger body, but it produces stunning images with very fast autofocus.

Good luck and happy shooting!

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4A really Great Camera but with some exceptions
By Bob Ratcliff
Sony Alpha a9 Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) Review
A9 is really great but with exceptions
By Bob

I am a Pro and have 5 Canon bodies and 29 Canon lenses from 8-800 mm and 6 Sony a series bodies and 12 Sony lenses. I shoot everything from extreme macro, wildlife, sports, weddings, video, landscapes, commercial, architecture and portraiture. All of the good points from all other reviews are correct; the camera is a joy to use. In a week I have shot fast running dog portraits, slow mo of fire scenes, a concert at a famous Juke Joint, sailboat races, wildlife and yesterday the Detroit Grand Prix. At the GP I shot 5000 RAW images at 20fps in 4 hours on 1 battery with very fast AF and very high keeper rate using Sony 70-200 GM with TC's and Canon 100-400 with Metabones 5. I shot 395 Raws and 70 min of 4k video in 80 degree heat with no issues. I tested 4k heat 2 more times first 80 degree ambient, no sun 30min no issues. Today I shot 4k video 80deg f ambient in sunlight. Warning light came on at 27 min but no shut off. 3 min in shade and light was off. at the 10 min mark the camera was 100 deg on top, the 70-200 GM was 87 deg, back of camera under the screen was 103 deg f. When the light came on the back of camera was 106 deg f. Shot with screen 1/8 in off of back. Battery was 87 deg. I love the Sony Mirror-less cameras and lenses, and plan to sell my Canon bodies and half of the lenses in the coming months depending on how the A9 performs over time.

Sony made several mistakes in this flagship camera. 1) It is inexcusable for any Sony camera not to have in camera applications and profiles... I use them a lot and don't want to have to carry an extra body because some Marketing guy thought we didn't need them...or to protect a future a9s. 0$ cost to deploy 2) THE MECHANICAL SHUTTER SHOULD HAVE BEEN 10-12 fps TO ALLOW FAST FLASH USE. Yes there are a number of legit pro uses for this and a shame I have to keep a 1Dx body or a6500 because of this. 3) they blew the body design for some pros... it needed to be a bit larger to give more finger clearance with big hands and/or gloves and should have included a larger heat sink. More clarity should have been given to explaining precisely when banding can occur such as older 4 foot fluorescent tubes. I am a fan of Sony and it's innovation machine, but lets not cut corners on high $ cameras as you attempt moving into the real pro world. Also the details of how well Canon glass works with this system should be touted and explained by Sony if you want folks to switch. Sony should be helping folks like Metabones, and not be so worried about losing sales of lenses they don't yet make. Make it easy for Canon shooters to switch or ease into Sony. Sorry Nikon adapters are a problem for them. Sony you did 95% of the hard work in making the A9, but the few additional items I mentioned would have cemented you claims to the pro world instead of allowing the haters ammunition to blog away.

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