Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V 20.1 MP Digital Still Camera w/ 3" OLED

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V 20.1 MP Digital Still Camera w/ 3" OLED
From Sony

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #452 in Camera & Photo
  • Size: 100
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: DSC-RX100M5
  • Released on: 2016-10-28
  • Fabric type: N/A
  • Aspect ratio: Unknown
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.63" h x 2.38" w x 4.00" l, .60 pounds


  • World's fastest1 (0.05 sec.) hybrid AF system (contrast + phase)
  • World's most - 315 phase detection - AF points on a compact camera
  • World's fastest continuous shooting speed1 at 24fps3 w/ AF/AE tracking
  • 20.1MP 1" Exmor RS stacked back illuminated CMOS sensor w/ DRAM
  • 4K movie w/ direct pixel readout, no pixel binning and fast hybrid AF
  • Optical Zoom: 3.6x

Introducing a new level of AF performance and speed to today’s compact camera market. The RX100 V boasts the world’s fastest AF speed 0.05 sec., world’s fastest continuous shooting speed 24fps with world’s most AF points 315 for a compact camera. LCD: Screen type 7.5 cm 3.0-type 4:3 / 1,228,800 dots / Xtra Fine / TFT LCD, Brightness Control Manual 5 steps / Sunny Weather, Adjustable Angle Up by approx. 180 degrees, down by approx. 45 degrees

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5Very nice compact camera
By ItsJustBlah
My husband and I took this little beast on one photoshoot so far, and we loved it! The vivid color setting reallly highlights the beautiful colors seen by the naked eye which usually get muted by most cameras. Pictures look sooo natural and beautiful, which make editing a breeze, and quite fun actually! The biggest reason why we traded this camera in for our DSLR is because every time we asked somebody to take pictures of the both of us with the DSLR, We would end up looking blurry. Now with this camera, we are comfortable asking strangers to take our picture knowing that we are now, much more likeLy to be in focus! The compactibility, durability and photo quality make this camera worth every single penny !

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4I will keep it...
By Anthony F
I am a working professional photographer for over 25 years. I have had many digital cameras through out the last two decades. Most of my cameras are large, heavy and they have many parts. I also teach several workshops and classes throughout the week. One of those workshops deals with street photography. For street photography you should have a small unassuming camera. One that is quiet and non-threathening. If you don't you will miss the "decisive moment" shot. Replacing my Nikon P7800, I hope will be the RX 100 MK5. The P7800 is a small camera from the "Coolpix" collection. Its been good for the past few years. However, it is not as responsive as I would like. Slow to focus, only 12MP. limited ISO and FPS.

As soon as I received the RX100 MK 5 from Amazon. Well I thought this will not work for me. Too small and the menu options were too complicated and difficult to navigate through. Its so small that I can't barely hold it for long. The on board camera buttons too small for my medium size hands.
The on and off buttons are tiny. I miss turning it on many times. Well anyway you get my drift. I thought this will not work out for me. I am not going to keep it. But then I started taking photos indoor and outdoors, and the images are quite good. Sharp with good natural color tones.

I took some time customizing the menu for my taste. I still have to say the menu is not intuitive for a new Sony user. There has got to be a least a 1000 pieces of content in that thing. Well it did not take long and I was a bit happier with it. Did I mention that the images are good, real good.
That is what keeps bringing me back to keep it.

The size is an issue. Not because its dimensions and weight but its hard to hold. Not ergonomically suited for man hands. I can easily "palm" it and hide it in my hands. I can slip it into my jacket pocket, pants, brief case. I have ordered the additional grip and more batteries. I will mentioned the negatives in a moment.

In terms of use, it is fairly easy to take photos. You can use the EVF or LCD screen. I turned off all sound. Take a moment and read how to disable some of the default features which are annoying. Like the EVF, once you use it and you push back into place, well it will turn the camera off.
Nonsense! Also read on how to use MR, memory recall. Its a good feature for your favorite settings. You can have several MR's.

Believe it or not I will not be using the video so much. Well one reason is that it eats memory cards fast. The 4K video is limited to only 5 minutes.
The other reason is that I shoot video with the Canon G40 camcorder. So I don't need the video coming out of this pocket camera. BTW, you need a SDXC card for the 4K video. Or you can shoot in MP4 video format, with almost any SD memory card.

I really need this camera for street photography. I need it to focus quickly. Take a lot of FPS. It takes 24 FPS. It has one of the fastest shutters around at 1/32,000. That is not a typo 32000. That in itself is incredible. I want to quickly switch to B&W mode with one click. (that is the MR mode)
A workable ISO of 12,500. Ability to switch to the optical viewfinder. Taking 20MP photos is also good for post production cropping and editing.
a Zeiss-24-70mm 1.8-2.8 through out the focal length. 315 AF points for quick focus and tracking. Did I mention beautiful imagery.

1. Poor battery life. Buy at least 5 batteries.
2. I won't blame the menu system anymore, but be warned
3. Hard to hold in your hands for a longer time.
4. No separate battery charger supplied. Charges battery while inside RX 100 V-USB-chord supplied
Difficult to connect charging chord to camera. Opening is very small. (Need Patience) I don't have it.
5. High cost, should be priced at least $150 lower.
6. For the beginners, its a short-paged, owners manual.
7. Go to Youtube for camera & accessory explanations
8. Don't upgrade from RX100 IV version, small difference $200 more.
9. Camera shoulder strap?- I will use the lightweight Black Rapid sling strap for smaller DSLR's.
It screws to the tripod screw. Which then presents another issue. The sling strap which is attached to the tripod screw
is in the way of the SD card and battery compartment. So you have unscrew the sling strap to replace SD and or batteries.
10. Lastly, why can't Sony the innovator of all things technical for DSLR come up with a longer lasting battery. These Sony batteries
are $40 each. They last about 250 shots, 10-15 minutes in video use. I am sure that they will sell more batteries, but come on its
2017, lets work on a better battery folks.

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5Fantastic pro camera.
By Michael Rubenstein
I'm a professional photographer in NYC and have used the RX100, RX1003, 4 and now the 5. I love these little cameras. Yes, they have sorta annoying menus but after a week or so you know where everything is and it's fine. Yes, the battery life isn't great but hello, look at the size of the battery. It's tiny. Small battery = less time. I bring a couple extras with me and I can shoot all day.

Let's talk about the good parts. The autofocus is amazing (except I guess for the comic book lover with no lampshade who wrote a review too...) It has a great pop up EVF that no other tiny camera has (that I know of). I just took it to Ireland for a week and it performed perfectly. The RAW update from Adobe isn't out yet (not Sony's fault... yell at Adobe) so I used Sony's RAW processor. It's not great but it works until Adobe and PhaseOne gets its act together.

This is a pro camera in a tiny body that really performs. Take a minute, learn the menu, set up your own custom buttons and make some killer photos and videos. Or, I guess you could try to photograph your wall in your undecorated bedroom...)

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