Canon EOS 77D Body

Canon EOS 77D Body
From Canon

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Product Details

  • Sales Rank: #916 in Camera & Photo
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Canon
  • Model: 1892C001
  • Released on: 2017-03-30
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 3.90" h x 5.20" w x 3.00" l, 1.20 pounds
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Display size: 3


  • 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi*, NFC** and Bluetooth***.
  • Hdr movie & time-lapse movie.

The EOS 77D is a perfect combination of quality and control. Results are stunning thanks to an optical viewfinder and fast and accurate dual pixel CMOS AF with Phase detection, while a top-mounted LCD screen and rear quick control dial help you quickly check and change settings for the images and videos you want.

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By Amazon Customer
I just got my new camera today & I love it. Hopefully I can come back after a few photo shoots and give more details. But first impressions are amazing. I love the touch screen, the fact that I can rotate the screen and see myself if I decide to vlog, the quality of the pictures are amazing (I paired the camera body with a 50mm 1.8 lens) I also downloaded the canon connect app so I'm able to save photos directly to my phone from the camera. I'm completely satisfied with my purchase!

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5The Canon 77D is a Brilliant DSLR. Highly Recommended!
By Chris Winter
Build Quality:
So lets get started by first taking a look at the build quality and features of this new camera.
Now if you’ve ever used a rebel series camera from Canon, you’ll feel right at home with the 77D. It’s got a great feel to it when you first pick it up in your hands. Compared to the older Canon T6s, which is the predessor to the 77D, not too much has changed in terms of the feel of the camera.
And thats a good thing I think. The 77D is right in that sweet spot size for a DSLR.
It’s not a small as a micro four thirds camera or a smaller DSLR like the Canon SL1 but it’s also not as heavy as cameras such as the Canon 70d or 80d. Buttons are where you’d expect them and are easy to navigate and the menu dial at the top here has all of the manual and auto settings that you’d expect. So overall the build on the 77d is great and should work well for most users.

LCD Screen:
Let’s now turn the 77D around and take a look at the rear LCD screen. Now one of my favourite features in DSLR’s over the last few yeas has been the inclusion of touch screens. At first when it’s easy to think that they’re not useful, but the more that Iv’e used them, the more I’ve really come to appreciate them And on the 77d it’s great, especially now with the new dual pixel autofocus.
Being able to select what you want in focus is as simple as touching the screen and your object will smoothly and cinematically come into focus.
The screen itself is really nice and even in bright daylight is easy to see. One thing I like about the 77d is that you can pretty much use the touch screen to do everything on the camera. I’ve used some other cameras which limit you to just selecting focus with the touch screen and I think that thats a bit of waste, so this is nice to see. Another great feature and one that I wouldn’t want to live without now is the articulating screen on the 77D.

Essentially this allows you to flip your screen up and down and to the side, which is great for helping you set up your compostion.
It's also great for video aswell especially if you film yourself like I do. Pair that with the dual pixel autofocus and the 77d is a pretty sweet one man band camera.

I just quickly want to talk about the menus on the 77d now too. Now the menus have changed slightly no on the 77d and too be totally hoenst, I’m not exactly sure about how I feel about them. They are a little bit more similified and I can understand the way that Canon were going with this, but I’m not exactly sure if it was needed. I never really had that many problems with the Menus before but at the same time I think having these basic menus will probably be good for beginners. They don't really change the way the camera works overall so it’s not a bad change.

Top LCD Screen:
Now one of the key differences between the Canon 77D and the Canon T7i or 800d is at the top of the camera here. The 77D includes a top lcd screen which is great for seeing your settings without having to use the back lcd or looking through the viewfinder. Now these are normally found on more expensive professional cameras so i’m glad that they included this on the 77d. I often use the top lcd to quickly check my settings and even though it’s not really going to improve your shooting, it’s definitely a nice touch to have.

Dual Pixel AF:
Now I’ve been shooting with the Canon 70d for around 2 years now and one of my favorite features in the camera is it’s dual pixel Autofocus system. It’s fantastic.And I was so excited when I saw that the 77d had it as well. And after testing it, i’m happy to say it works great.
To me cameras with dual pixel autofocus are by far the best on the market. Not only does autofocus work quickly, it’s also a very smooth and cinematic focus. Theres nearly no hunting as well and face tracking works great. I’m actually using face tracking now.
Now some people will still like to use manual focus for video work, and thats ok, but to me, the 77d’s autofocus is great and something I’d be happy using a lot.

Now let’s quickly talk about some of the competitors to the Canon 77d. The Canon T7i or 800d is a similar camera to the 77d and got released at the same time. I’ve had time with both of these cameras and really like them both. They both have great autofocus and features.
Overall in terms of image quality theres almost no difference with these cameras but the main difference is really useability. I like having things like the top lcd screen on the 77d and the slightly large grip does feel nice. Another camera you might look at is the Canon T6s which is last years model. I used that camera a lot and loved it. It was a great improvement from the t5i  but I’d probably choose the 77d instead mainly because of the dual pixel autofocus in the new cameras.
On the upper end you could be looking at the 70d and 80d which as you know I love. Both of those cameras have the dual pixel autofocus so they’re quite even on that point, but one definite bonus on the 80d is it’s inclusion of a headphone jack.I was a little dissapointed that that was left out of the 77d and i think it should be in here. So if you know you need that, the 80d will be for you. On the nikon side you might be looking at the D5600 or the D7200. Both of those cameras are great, with the D5600 having a tilt screen as well. The D7200 has great autofocus in stills mode and it’ll be interesting to see how it compares to the 77d.

Let's now talk about the video on the 77d. Overall I think we’ve seen some great improvements. Useability for video is excellent with the articulating screen being very easy to use with the 77d. Like I said before, being able to use the touch screen to pull focus is brilliant and really is very acurate.
The dual pixel autofocus is definitely a big upgrade from the t6s’s hybrid autofocus. It really does work well. I am dissapointed that they left out the headphone jack on the 77d. For budding cinematograhers it would've been a nice inclusion.  Now of course there is no 4k vide in the 77d but I didn’t expect it. Sure it would've been nice to see but for most people, the 1080p footage will be more than enough. So overall this is a great little camera for video production.

Burst Mode & AF:
So let’s talk about the burst mode on the 77d. The 77d shoots at a 6 frames per second, which for reference sake sounds like this.Now this is a little step up from the t6s and it’s nice to see. 6 frames per second should be fast enough for most day to day shooting.
Autofocus is great on the 77d in stills as well. Sure it’s not at the same level as something like the Canon 7d mark 2, but for a sub $1000 camera, it’s definitely impressive. So overall as you can tell I really like this new 77D. I think that this will be one of the most popular cameras for 2017 and beyond and if youre thinking about buying it, i highly recommend it.

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5Upgraded from a t4i, and its quite the improvement ...
By PiyoPiyo
Upgraded from a t4i, and its quite the improvement in focusing speed and accuracy on the same set of glass.

I've tested it with the EFS 18-135 STM, 24mm STM, EF 50mm (a little noisy for video on this) and all of lenses are operating smoother and faster than the t4i.

Being I've owned this for a whooole 3 hours now the initial thoughts and feeling is.. no regrets :) totally a worthwhile upgrade.

The body is lighter, so be careful as you may have to adjust tripod weights if you're front heavy (lens doesnt change weight).

Things I havent tried yet, but will update subsequently.
- Wifi connectivity (in mac os and windows)
- Video render / raw view.
- learning everything else about the 77d :).

Worthwhile if you are coming from at least a t4i or older digital rebel body.

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