OMAX 3.5X-90X 18MP USB3 Digital Stereo Microscope on Articulating Arm Stand with 144 LED Ring Light

OMAX 3.5X-90X 18MP USB3 Digital Stereo Microscope on Articulating Arm Stand with 144 LED Ring Light

Price: $1,283.99


  • Brand: OMAX
  • Manufacturer: OMAX
  • Model: W43CF1-L144L-C180U3
  • Weight: 3600


  • Total magnification - 3.5X-90X; Microscope body - Trinocluar, 360degrees; rotatable viewing head - 45 degrees inclined ocular tubes - Diopter adjustment rings on both ocular tubes - Interpupillary distance adjustable: 1-3/4inch~ 2-3/4inch (47 ~ 73mm) - Pulling bar to switch the light path from left ocular tube to photo tube - Inner diameter of ocular tube: 30mm - Inner diameter of photo tube: 23.2mm - Mounting size for auxiliary lens: 48mm female thread
  • Eyepiece - A pair of high eyepoint widefield WF10X/20 - A pair of high eyepoint widefield WF20X/10; Objective - Zoom 0.7X ~ 4.5X - Zoom ratio 6.4:1 - Auxiliary objective: 0.5X; Working distance - 100mm (3-15/16inch) without 0.5X auxiliary lens - 160mm (6-5/16inch) with 0.5X auxiliary lens on; Field of view - Max. 30mm (1-3/16inch) without 0.5X auxiliary lens - Max. 60mm (2-3/8inch) with 0.5X auxiliary lens; Articulating arm boom stand - Table clamp: Max. opening 2.4inch (62mm)
  • Articulating arm: Spring loaded for easy operating, multi-arm provides more flexibility - 360 degrees rotating horizontally - Radius of working area: Max. 41inch (104cm) - Diameter of microscope body holder: 3inch (76mm) - Focus block: rack and pinion adjustment, range 55m; Illumination - 144 LED ring light - Intensity adjustable - Power: 90V ~ 265V AC - 48mm ring light adapter included
  • Digital camera: - true color 4912x3684 pixels (18M pixels) - Super speed USB 3.0 connection - 0.5X reduction lens to get larger field of view - 0.01 mm calibration slide: 1mm/100 division - Frame speed: 5.6fps at 4912x3684, 18.1fps at 2456x1842, 32.2fps at 1228x922 - Software compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems - Capturing microscope images, recording live video, measuring lengths, angles, areas, editing images - USB3 cable included
  • 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects


This high end trinocular stereo zoom microscope system utilizes a fully coated optical system with a super speed 18MP USB 3.0 digital microscope camera and comes mounted on a flexible articulating arm mount. The trinocular microscope head has diopter controls on the eyetubes of the microscope and provides a photo port for dedicated use with its microscope camera. It offers clear and sharp images with great flatness and contrast across the 3.5X-90X magnification range. It comes with widefield WF10X/20 and WF20X optics, 0.5X barlow lens, a variable 144-LED illuminator with dimmer, and the articulating arm provides a broad area of use and a high degree of flexibility. This microscope offers a field of view as large as 60mm (2-3/8") with working distances as long as 160mm (6-5/16") with the 0.5X auxiliary objective mounted, and a wide 6.4:1 zoom ratio. The variable 144-LED ring light is intensity adjustable, providing cool, even and bright LED illumination. It is an ideal instrument for those who require precision-oriented observation across a wide continuous magnification range.