AmScope SMDG-2T New 7X-45X Dual Lit Halogen Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

AmScope SMDG-2T New 7X-45X Dual Lit Halogen Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope

Price: $346.99


  • Brand: AmScope
  • Manufacturer: United Scope, LLC
  • Model: SMDG-2T
  • Weight: 2500


  • Super widefield optical system offers crisp clear stereo images
  • Both top and bottom Halogen illumination systems
  • 7X-45X zoom magnification power
  • Large working distance; large field of view; sturdy metal tracking stand
  • Trinocular port for adding photo or video capability


This top of the line 7X-45X trinocular stereo zoom microscope is equipped with SUPER widefield optics, and a versatile dual halogen illumination system with independent intensity controls! Our lighting system allows you to use both incident illumination, which shines light down onto a 3-dimensional specimen, and reflecting-plate bottom illumination, which shines light up through a transparent sample. Because the top and bottom halogen lights are controlled by separate dimmers, you are able to customize lighting for the optimal level of illumination, whatever the situation.

The optics of this SM series microscope features a large zoom magnification range, which produces sharp, crystal-clear stereo images, while providing a generous working distance. The 360 degree swiveling, trinocular head is attached at a 45 degree angle, which ensures easy and comfortable observation - especially when used in conjunction with the included rubber eyeguards. On the base, the stage plate measures 3-3/4" or 95 mm in diameter.

With its high resolution, good depth, and broad field of view, this microscope can be used for both educational and professional purposes in research labs, hospitals, schools, and veterinary offices.

This microscope provides all the excellent features of a high quality laboratory instrument at an affordable price. It comes brand new in a factory-sealed box.