MK Machining Vortex Razor LH Throw Lever

MK Machining Vortex Razor LH Throw Lever

Price: $19.99


  • Brand: MK Machining
  • Color: Black
  • Manufacturer: Vortex Optics


  • LOW PROFILE: Fits with any mounting setup.
  • SIMPLE & QUICK SETUP: One piece construction, one bolt to tighten, and one minute installation on this vortex throw lever.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This MK Machining throw lever is made with nylon material to leave your scope unscratched.
  • MADE IN USA: This MK throw lever is proudly manufactured in the US with a lifetime warranty.
  • SIZE: Fits exactly to magnification ring dimensions. Ensure you purchase the correct size. Fits with any mounting setup.


The original, most durable, and widest selection of printed throw levers! Use our throw levers to speed up magnification changes and for faster and more accurate shot placement. Our levers are made from a custom nylon alloy with metal threads and bolts. You will be impressed at both our part finish and strength. We take pride in professionally printed products superior to copycat's products and stand behind all our printed items 100%. MAKE SURE to order the correct throw lever for your optic, these are a precise fit and we offer many different models to accommodate magnification ring diameters and shapes. DO NOT over-tighten. These throw levers are extremely durable, but most sensitive to excessive torque. The metal bolt and threads will crush the polymer, when the lever is installed with no slipping under operation there is no need to continue tightening. Sizing Guide: Viper Gen I PST & HST | Razor Gen I: Fits Viper Gen I PST, HST, Razor Gen I, and many other optics with a 1.74" magnification ring diameter. Gen I Viper with Rubber Magnification Ring: Fits Gen I Vipers with rubber magnification rings that are gray and stippled, Diamond HP, and other Vortex scopes with 1.68" magnification ring diameters. Viper PST Gen II | Strike Eagle 3-18x | Strike Eagle 4-24x: Fits Viper PST Gen II, Strike Eagle 3-18x, and Strike Eagle 4-24x. Viper PA 6.5-20x: Fits ONLY vipers with 6.5-20x magnification range. Crossfire II With 1" Scope Tube: Fits Vortex Crossfire II with 1" scope tube. Crossfire II With 30mm Scope Tube: Fits Vortex Crossfire II with 30mm scope tube. Strike Eagle 1-6x: Fits ONLY Strike Eagle with 1-6x magnification. Strike Eagle 1-8x: Fits ONLY Strike Eagle with 1-8x magnification. Golden Eagle: Fits ONLY Golden Eagle. Razor AMG: Fits ONLY Razor AMG. Razor LH: Fits ONLY Razor LH. Razor Gen II: Fits ONLY Razor Gen II.