Wireless Ear Otoscope, DEPSTECH Detached Digital Ear Scope Ear Inspection Camera Earwax Cleansing Tool with 6 LED Lights for Android Devices, iPhone & iPad

Wireless Ear Otoscope, DEPSTECH Detached Digital Ear Scope Ear Inspection Camera Earwax Cleansing Tool with 6 LED Lights for Android Devices, iPhone & iPad


  • Brand: DEPSTECH
  • Color: otoscope
  • Manufacturer: DEPSTECH


  • ★ Broad compatibility, working with any Android or iOS mobile devices via WiFi connection ★ WiFi emission will apply to Android 2.3+ devices or iPhone.
  • ★ 720P Camera, providing clear images in the ear with non-heating chip ★ Superior to other digital ear otoscopes in the market, this unit can capture live picture and video at 1280x720, due to its 1.0MP lens. Featured with temperature control chip, the otoscope will not let the most sensitive organ feel burned at ease.
  • ★ 6-Level Adjustable Brightness & Unique Blue LED Optimizing the Image& Video★ Tympanic membrane check will certainly contain darkness and the light will be necessary. Adjusting blue LED light, the Depstech otoscope user can obtain better image and live video from close observation than other white light otoscope.
  • ★ 1.8M cable and different size speculum, adaptable to diversified ear inspection for the whole family ★ It will be wrong for you to think that the unit can just be used on the adults. Especially designed different speculum will help you to do the exam for the every member at home, including your pets with the alcohol sterilization.
  • ★Hidden novel functions, More fun and utilities from the built-in magnetic and LED torch ★ There are LED torch light and magnetic within the WiFi box, which makes the product more handy and useful in different application situations.


Depstech Detached Wireless WIFI USB Otoscope Camera for Android Smart Phone including Samsung, iPhone, iPad, MAC and Windows PC .
85% of digital Otoscopes in the market are unable to be used with iPhone and iPad, due to special connection ports on iOS devices. This newest type Depstech wifi endoscope has broken the traditional ear inspection using limitation for iPhone user. It can work perfectly with Android 2.3+ and IOS 6.0+ smartphone. That Will be the most useful inspection tool for iPhone user. Additional USB connection is another choice for people who want to view the feed through larger screen on PC . This unique design makes this otoscope with the greatest compatibility ever.

Built-in non-heating chip, the unit working temperature will be quite lower than many other inspection tools, and the ear inspection will be safer and more comfortable then.
Featuring super Hi-Vision 1MP HD camera allows you to capture image or record video in the ear at a close range.
Built-in lithium battery with working time up to 1 hour, and can be easily recharged by Android Phone or PC/Power Bank within DC 5V,1A.

Resolution: 1280x720, 640x480, 320x240
Waterproof: IP67
WIFI Transmission Distance: 10Meters(Without any obstacles)
Battery Capacity: 900 mAh
Focal Distance: 3cm-8cm
Power Supply: DC 5V

Important Notes:
-This WiFi borescope can only support Android 2.3+ and IOS 6.0+. For IOS 8.0 lower system can not record videos.
For WiFi connection -This camera needs to be connected with your phone via wifi in your phone network settings, instead of the app.