Celestron 114LCM Computerized Telescope (Black)

Celestron 114LCM Computerized Telescope (Black)

List Price: $399.95

Price: $261.49


  • Brand: Celestron
  • Color: Silver
  • Manufacturer: Celestron
  • Model: 31150
  • Weight: 2000


  • Computerized telescope automatically locates thousands of celestial objects using the NexStar+ hand control.
  • Follow the simple SkyAlign alignment procedure and you're ready to observe in minutes!
  • Large 114 mm Newtonian reflector offers the most light-gathering ability in the LCM telescope family.
  • Not sure what to observe? Press the Sky Tour button and your telescope generates a list of the best objects currently visible
  • Comes with everything you need to get started with astronomy, including 2 eyepieces and a full-height tripod.


Get the same star locating technology found on our observatory-grade telescopes at a price that fits your family’s budget with the 114LCM. Locates objects for you Leave the star maps at home; 114LCM computerized telescopes can locate thousands of celestial objects for you automatically. To get started, just perform our simple SkyAlign alignment procedure by centering any three bright objects in your telescope’s eyepiece. From there, your LCM can calculate the time, date, and location and orient itself with the night sky. Browse the hand control’s database and select any star, planet, galaxy, or nebulae in the database. Within seconds, your LCM centers it in the eyepiece and tracks it as it moves across the sky. Looking for something new to observe? Press the Sky Tour button and your LCM generates a list of the best celestial objects currently visible. Precision optics for detailed views With the largest optics in the LCM beginner telescope family, the 114LCM packs enough light-gathering ability to provide extraordinary views of all the best celestial objects. Explore our Solar System, from the moons of Jupiter to the rings of Saturn and beyond. Then venture further into deep space to view the Orion Nebula, Pleiades Star Cluster, and hundreds of other objects. You can even explore the craters of the Moon up close, with impressive detail. Everything you need to get started Even if you’ve never used a telescope before, Celestron makes it easy to get started with amateur astronomy. Your LCM telescope comes with an adjustable aluminum tripod, 2 high quality eyepieces, and a red dot finderscope. Plus, everything is backed by Celestron’s 2-year warranty. To enhance your experience under the stars, download Celestron’s free SkyPortal app. Listen to hundreds of audio descriptions of the most popular objects on your iOS or Android device while you observe them with your LCM telescope. Your 114LCM telescope can grow with you for years to come. Consider adding a Moon Filter or additional eyepieces as you progress with the hobby. Celestron's computerized 114LCM telescope adds affordable GoTo technology to a compact Newtonian reflector. The complete package has everything you need except the batteries. The box contains high and low power eyepieces, the computer controller, an adjustable tripod, a red dot finder, and even a CD copy of "The SkyX" planetarium program for your computer.

The 114LCM's compact Newtonian optics produce images that are more than three times brighter than a 60mm beginner scope. With this telescope it's easy to see Saturn's rings and Jupiter's cloud belts. When the night air is still and clear I've been able to see the Cassini division in Saturn's rings and even spot the shadow of Jupiter's moons crossing the planets cloud tops. Deep space objects like star clusters and galaxies also show up nicely. The Ring Nebula M57, for instance, shows up as a pale smoke ring, and globular cluster M13 begins to reveal its individual stars.

Celestron's patented SkyAlign system is remarkably quick and easy to use. If you can see the moon, you can align this telescope. When you turn on the telescope, select "Solar System Align" on the hand control, enter the date and time, point the telescope at the moon, and press the "Enter" button. Then use the computer hand control to center the moon in the eyepiece and press the "Align" button. That's all it takes; the computerized tracking system takes over and begins tracking, quietly and accurately. Experienced users will like the "Two-Star Align" and "SkyAlign" modes because they allow the telescope to point to over 4,000 objects in the NexStar database. The accurate tracking allowed me to use a Celestron NexImage to take some nice close-up pictures of the moon and planets.

The biggest disadvantage of a computerized telescope is battery consumption. Standard AA alkaline batteries only last a few hours, but the 114LCM works very well with an external 12-volt battery such as Celestron's Power Tank. The "Lightweight Computerized Mount" of the 114LCM wobbles noticeably when I touch the focus knob, so I like to keep the tripod legs short and set my Power Tank battery on the accessory tray to keep the system from being top-heavy. –Jeff Phillips


  • Easy computerized tracking system
  • Bright Newtonian optics
  • Includes everything but the batteries
  • Short battery life
  • Light weight tripod