Orion 5599 1.25-Inch Mars Observation Eyepiece Filter

Orion 5599 1.25-Inch Mars Observation Eyepiece Filter

List Price: $53.03

Price: $49.94


  • Brand: Orion
  • Manufacturer: Orion
  • Model: 5599


  • High-performance observational eyepiece filter markedly improves views of Mars
  • Fully-coated Mars filter increases contrast to bring out subtle details on the disc of the red planet
  • When using the Mars filter on a clear, dark evening you'll see polar ice cap detail, subtle mare shadings, duststorm and cloud activity
  • Eyepiece filter dramatically improves views of Mars even in smaller astronomical telescopes
  • Designed to fit 1.25" telescope eyepieces with filter threads. Metal filter cell construction.


The custom-designed Mars Observation filter enhances contrast of virtually all surface features. Dielectric coatings transmit violet/blue (less than 505nm) and orange/red (greater than 615nm) wavelengths where detail is rich, while blocking overbearing yellow/green (515nm-615nm) wavelengths. Polar icecaps appear more sharply defined, and differences in landscape shading are nicely resolved. Polar hazes and cloud cover become visible. The filter's high transmission makes it effective even in small telescopes. Custom-engineered filter comes with protective plastic case.