Orion 05452 Specialized 3-Piece Planetary Imaging Filter Set 1.25-Inch (Multi-colored)

Orion 05452 Specialized 3-Piece Planetary Imaging Filter Set 1.25-Inch (Multi-colored)

Price: $129.99


  • Brand: Orion
  • Color: multi-colored
  • Manufacturer: Optronic Technologies, Inc
  • Model: 05452


  • Capture perfect planetary portraits with these 3 specialized imaging filters
  • Ultraviolet (UV) filter enhances details of atmospheric structures
  • Infrared (IR) filter penetrates haze to improve clarity
  • Methane (CH4) filter boosts contrast and reveals high altitude atmospheric features
  • Includes protective plastic case with die-cut foam insert


This set of three imaging filters includes the most vital filters for optimizing monochrome planetary portraits. Each filter is specifically designed to enhance astrophotos of the planets in our solar system. This 3-Piece set includes an ultraviolet (UV) filter, infrared (IR) filter, and methane (CH4) filter. The included ultraviolet (UV) short pass filter transmits light wavelengths between 300nm and 400nm, while blocking all wavelengths above 300nm and below 400nm. Use the UV filter to enhance details of the complex atmospheric cloud structures of the planets Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. The infrared (IR) long pass filter transmits light with wavelengths of 650nm and above. Generally used for high-contrast imaging of the Moon and planets, the infrared filter also provides excellent image steadiness when seeing conditions are poor, such as when a planet is positioned low on the horizon. Imaging of planets during daylight hours can be achieved with the infrared filter when using a large aperture telescope. The narrowband methane (CH4) filter transmits the specific methane wavelength of 890nm with a 10nm bandwidth, while blocking all other wavelengths. Since the methane filter passes light that is deep within the near infrared spectrum region, it can be used to reduce the adverse effects of poor seeing conditions and increase the visibility of fine details in planetary images. For best results, use the methane imaging filter with a 12 inch or larger aperture telescope, and when capturing relatively long exposures. Since each included filter passes wavelengths outside of the visible spectrum, they are intended for imaging use only, and cannot be used for visual observing. A monochrome astrophotography camera is required when using this filter set, as a color camera is not sensitive enough in the ultraviolet and infrared regions of the spectrum, and also generally have UV/IR blocking filters permanently attached.