MrStarGuy QHA7403Y 1.25" H-Alpha FWHM 7nm Filter (Black)

MrStarGuy QHA7403Y 1.25" H-Alpha FWHM 7nm Filter (Black)

Price: $119.00


  • Brand: MrStarGuy
  • Color: black
  • Manufacturer: MrStarGuy
  • Model: QHA7403Y


  • CCD images with high contrast even with light pollution
  • Image details are enhanced
  • Transmittance : Light transmittance of 95% or more ( e.g. H-Alpha, OIII, SII, H-Beta)


Best high contrast images with your CCD camera. The Star Guy H Alpha 1.25 " narrow band filter is a deep red long pass filter that enhances the contrast of nebulae emissions and reduces the effects of light pollution by only passing the hydrogen alpha light. The H Alpha filter is designed to transmit a narrow light bandwidth, which makes it ideal for observing solar prominences and other features of the sun. The filter eliminates halo effects with double sided polishing technique and coatings. Combine with other Star Guy filters for varying effects.