GSO 1.25" IR Blocking/IR Cut Filter

GSO 1.25" IR Blocking/IR Cut Filter

Price: $29.00


  • Brand: GSO
  • Manufacturer: GSO
  • Model: 4332013207


  • Threads to camera, eyepiece, or adapter with standard 1.25" threads, and can be stacked with other threaded 1.25" filters
  • Optical filter blocks IR light from entering digital cameras, preventing star bloating and increasing sharpness of Moon and planets
  • Sharp cut-off at 690 nm blocks IR light while passing visible red light, especially the important 656 nm hydrogen-alpha emission line


This 1.25" IR blocking filter, made by GSO of Taiwan, is recommended for use with CCD, video, and webcams to improve image sharpness and prevent unwanted "bloating" of star images in astrophotography.This filter blocks light with a wavelength longer than 690 nm and transmits visible wavelengths including the important 656nm H-alpha emission line. The IR blocking optical glass filter allows transmission of 95% of desirable visible light. The glass filter is mounted in a black-anodized cell with threads on both sides (M28.5x0.6 male on one side and female on the other), so it threads on any CCD camera, eyepiece, or adapter that accepts standard 1.25" filters. It can be stacked with other 1.25" filters.