Astromania 1.25" Color / Planetary Filter - #80A Blue

Astromania 1.25" Color / Planetary Filter - #80A Blue

Price: $15.99


  • Brand: Astromania
  • Manufacturer: Astromania
  • Model: SKU_AM_PF180A
  • Weight: 1


  • Metal filter cell threads directly into the 1.25- inch barrel of your telescope eyepiece.
  • Mounted in a nicely anodized housing.
  • Perfectly neutral color will not alter the natural color of the Moon.
  • Enhances the contrast of the moon and planets in photographic images.
  • Especially useful for large aperture telescopes through which the light of the Moon can be extremely overwhelming.


This color filters can be very useful for enhancing your views of the Moon and the planets. Depending on the atmospheric conditions, the telescope being used, the observer's experience, and the planet being observed or photographed, the advantages of color filters can be anywhere from subtle to dramatic. The right filter can make all the difference between seeing several small craters in the floor of Clavius on the Moon or not; seeing five or six swirls in Jupiter's belts or not; or seeing the inner Crepe Ring of Saturn or not.