Alstar 2" IR CUT Filter

Alstar 2" IR CUT Filter

Price: $23.99


  • Brand: Alstar
  • Manufacturer: Alstar
  • Model: SKU_AM_ZF2IRA


  • Without any contrast enhancement, and give a very good idea of the planetary contrast improvement that is seen visually.
  • The high quality of filters permits stacking with no image degradation.
  • It's improved supression of chromatic aberrations for astrophotography applications.
  • The filter leaves natural colors mostly intact, but significantly enhanced.
  • The filter brings an entirely unique approach to planetary contrast enhancement and light pollution reduction.


This kind of Filters are made from renowned Schott and Hoya optical glass and allow for maximum contrast on viewing planetary and lunar detail. Individually precision ground, highly polished with maximum light transmission coatings on both sides, these filters are 100% guaranteed for life.