MyStudio US31CYC Seamless Cyclorama Photo Background

MyStudio US31CYC Seamless Cyclorama Photo Background


  • Brand: MyStudio
  • Manufacturer: MyStudio
  • Model: MYS32-CYC
  • Weight: 7 lbs


  • Includes: One 32”x32”x16” MyStudio 32 infinity background by Pro Cyc made from high-impact ABS plastic
  • 90 degree "expanded" corner provides maximum shooting angles and depth - much more than is possible with photo tents, cubes and other light boxes
  • The unique cyclorama with all curved corners provides a soft, seamless background. No re-touching is required on most photos.
  • High-impact ABS plastic construction provides great durability
  • Made in the USA. Lifetime Limited Warranty


MyStudio is a completely new, unique and superior approach to tabletop product photography. Unlike other tabletop systems that fold, collapse and/or have seams that have to be edited out later, each MyStudio background features a fixed radius, single piece hard cyclorama background. This provides a high quality, seamless infinity background without compromising shooting angles which until now was only available in larger professional photo studios. The revolutionary MyStudio background is easy to light, virtually eliminates shadows and provides a beautiful infinity backdrop against which to shoot your products. MyStudio is the absolute best background solution for product photography, ebay auction photography and any other small item photography.